Even though breaking up is hard to do, coping with the feelings of heartbreak afterwards is even worse.

Unfortunately, no universal way exists to cope with that heavy pain in your chest. Some research has even shown that the same parts of your brain that register physical pain also light up when you experience emotional pain from a breakup. Even though this proves that it’s not just in your head, it’s still difficult seeing your ex in the grocery store.

Here are some tried-and-true methods that newly single people have used to get over those painful feelings of heartbreak.

Distract yourself

When you first start to wallow in a heartbreak, distracting yourself is a good first step to coping with grief. After all, you need to take life one day at a time after a breakup. If that means binge-watching your favorite show one day or combing through the best sugar daddy websites online the next, so be it.

In fact, more than 33 percent of recently single people claim that binge-watching television or movies is their go-to breakup activity. Many people who have faced a recent breakup often try a number of different ways to distract themselves. Who knows? You might even find that you discovered a new hobby in the process.

Focus on self-improvement

Breakups offer a rare opportunity to see life in an entirely new way. Between the days of crushing grief and beautiful sunrises, you’ll experience a flurry of emotions that are subject to change at the drop of a hat. But it’s vital to remember that you can also change.

Self-improvement should be one of your top goals as a newly single person. While this doesn’t mean you have to build yourself from the ground up, identifying points of your life that you can improve is essential. This might be as simple as investing in a new skin care routine. It might be as big as trying to refinance mortgage debts or student loans. Looking at your breakup as a blessing in disguise can be one of the many ways you get your life back on track.

Connecting with loved ones

Newly single people often feel terribly alone after a breakup. Ultimately, you have just lost someone who was a main feature in your life. Their absence might cause you to feel completely untethered.

But now that you don’t have a commitment to someone else, you can spend your new free time reconnecting with family and friends. They’ve got your back no matter what, and it’s nice to have that reminder now and then. While it’s vital that you sit home and wallow every now and then, you shouldn’t shirk from doing the things you love with the people you care about.

Create something new

Diving into new hobbies is a great idea after a breakup, but hobbies that allow you to express your creative side are even better. When you’re able to make something physical and tangible, you’ll realize that all those pent-up breakup feelings you’ve been experiencing can create something good. Try picking up a paintbrush or a journal. Even if what you create is terrible, you’re still doing something. And that’s better than moping around.

Reflect on the relationship

All the other methods mentioned above are great, but they’re meaningless unless you take time to reflect on your relationship and accept your current situation. Breakups are hard, but it’s rare that you’ll find yourself in this position. Take time to learn more about yourself to ensure your next relationship is healthy and happy.


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