Ways To Humanely Catch A Mouse That’s Living In Your Home

Mice can quickly become the bugbear of any homeowner. These vermin attack the food in your kitchen and cause damage with gnawing. They are also capable of spreading disease to your family. But how do you get rid of mice? There are dozens of ways from setting humane traps or even hiring an ethical London mouse control expert to take care of the job professionally.

The issue is that many people have a problem with this. After all, these solutions basically mean that you have to kill the mice. Depending on your attitudes, you may not like the idea of this. Mice are animals just like any other. Just because they are classed as vermin, doesn’t necessarily mean they have to suffer and die. So the question is this: are there ways to humanely catch a mouse that’s living in your home? The answer is yes. In fact, there are many ingenious ways to catch mice, which do not involve killing.

Here are a couple of trap ideas which can be used to catch mice without killing them.

The Spoon and Peanut Butter Trap

Mice are mainly attracted to your kitchen. A good way to catch mice is by balancing a table spoon over the end of your kitchen counter. On the end of this spoon you should place some type of bait. Mice love peanut butter and this is probably your best choice. If you don’t have peanut butter you can use anything sweet. Beneath this spoon you place a bucket.

What happens is that the mice is attracted by the bait. They run onto the end of the spoon which causes it to overbalance. At this point the mice and the spoon fall into the bucket. This is a highly efficient trap which can sometimes catch one mice a night. To catch more mice place more spoons.

The Bucket and Ramp Trap

In your quest to live harmoniously with mice and catch them live, here is a variation on the above trap. This time you place the bucket in the middle of your kitchen or counter. Into this bucket you place some kind of bait. You’ll want to use quite a bit more than you did in the previously mentioned method. On the outside of the bucket you want to place some kind of ramp. You can use stiff cardboard or a piece of wood. What happens is that mice run up the ramp and leap into the bucket to get the bait. While mice are intelligent, they but do not have the capacity to realise that they cannot get out, and thus become trapped.

You Can Catch Mice Wthout Killing Them

Another benefit of these humane traps is that they can be built from things you already have in your home. This makes them the perfect DIY pest control solution. That being said, you need to be careful. These traps are really only intended for people who have one or two mice. The problem with mice is that they breed at a furious speed. A few mice can quickly become hundreds, so use caution. If the traps are not working then mice may breed. This can become a problem despite your best intentions. In this case you may want to consider hiring a London pest exterminator.

If you are successful with these traps try to release the mice as far away from your home as possible. Simply tossing them into the back garden isn’t enough. They will quickly find their way back in. The best option is to go somewhere out in the country. This way the mice are placed back in nature, and can frolic freely.


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