Men should always remember about prelude in order to be attentive and passionate lovers. Thanks to the experts from we understood that sexual prelude consists of 5 main points: visual images, smells, sounds, taste sensations, and touches. These moments are unequal to each other and their perception depends on the type of person’s personality: for example, visualizers can lose their heads from the form of naked shoulders; the audiles may go crazy with a quiet and aspirated whisper and so on. So, how to diversify foreplay so that a woman feels delighted?

7The words “I want you”

Women love with their ears. Sexual flirtation, hints and intimate details will turn them on. Describe in detail how you want your woman. A gentle whisper in an ear may make anyone wince with desire. Erotic conversations in public places excite as well.  Also, eye contact is important because eyes will always tell the truth about passion.

6Her sweet lips

A survey of researchers shows that 2 of 3 of women don’t get enough kisses. Women get great pleasure from “wet” kisses.

5Tactile erotica

Women adore touches. Physiologically, they have more erogenous zones than men. Women’s neck, abdomen, wrists, shoulders — are the best places for foreplay. Gentle kisses and touches will make a woman a tigress.

4Sex in clothes

Sexologists insist that the best sex begins in clothes. The process of undressing, which can be combined with touches and kisses, excites a girl no worse than oral sex.

3Water and sex

Bathing is a very exciting activity. A lot of porn stories are built on this, and not in vain. The “naked” atmosphere of the bathroom is filled with eroticism. The bathroom is also quite comfortable to have sex.

2Masquerade in bed

Many couples are not serious about the variant of role-playing games in bed. And, they got a strong discharge having tried it. This approach allows you to understand the erotic fantasies of the weaker sex and get used to your favorite image. Sex shops provide a large selection of exciting costumes. Such diversity also acts excitingly on women.


Women also like an erotic massage. Manual stimulation of chest and abdomen easily awakens sexual desire. In addition, many ladies love kisses in the navel.

The banal and predictable sex cools a relationship and leads to dissatisfaction. Prelude in bed is exactly what kindles the fire of passion and gives a bright orgasm. Self-esteem of a man directly depends on the ability to please a woman.

Sexologists say: the perfect prelude lasts five times longer than sex itself. Thanks to it, the maximum amount of hormones of happiness gets into the blood. Experienced lovers know that foreplay increases the male potency and excites women very much. A woman even manages to get an orgasm from skillful foreplay sometimes.

Women’s desires for sex and foreplay are complex things. However, each woman has her own individual attitude to what is possible and what is not. There are liberated men who constantly experiment and surprise partners with their unusual fantasy. It is usually more interesting to have sex with such partners since every battle in bed is not like the previous one. For men, who are conservative in sex, it is worth remembering that the main thing that unites in the relationship — is the bed. Therefore, don’t be afraid to share your desires, but do it delicately, unobtrusively and benevolently. Women are more disposed to surprises. Remember that very good imagination helps embody the female and male desires in sex. And this is the guarantee of a strong relationship.