Who doesn’t want to be the best in business, right?  And, we know that agile teams are two times more likely to succeed than their waterfall counterparts.

Sadly, there’s no formula for creating the perfect agile team.  There are, however, so tips you can follow so that you can strengthen your agile approach.

Be Patient

Getting started with anything new can be rough.  Everyone has their own quirks, and this can take some getting used to.  When you are looking to develop an agile team, you need to be patient so that you can get a feel for how everyone works.

There are four stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, and performing.  And, you need to be patient, so you can reach the last phase.   

Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. And the sooner you learn to embrace the change, the better off you will be. This is especially true with agile teams.  Change will pop up and rather than trying to avoid the inevitable, you need to learn to respond to change.

Trust Your Teammates

A genuinely successful agile team needs to be centered upon trust. It can be hard to learn to trust people to do what they say they are going to do.  But, if you want to be a part of an agile team, you need to learn to surrender control and trust that your teammates want to achieve the same level of success as you do.

This level of trust can easily be fostered through communication.  The most successful agile teams are upfront about any problems. Everyone messes up.  Your team will make mistakes; that is inevitable.

But, your teammates need to trust that you have their backs to fix the mistakes.  And, when the tides change, and you are the one flubbing the dub, there’s a strong possibility your teammates will have your back too.  Trust makes cleaning up messes much easier.

Use Feedback

Process is one thing.  You may have streamlined every operation necessary to create your product.  But, if you aren’t developing a product that people embrace, you are just wasting streamlined time.  

It doesn’t matter if you are developing grant management software or if you are creating an online staffing agency. The most successful agile teams have a process in place for getting software in front of clients as quickly as possible so that they can get the necessary feedback to modify and adjust.

But, in addition to getting your software in front of your clients, you also have to have a reliable system in place to gather feedback.  This will make it easier for your clients to communicate their constructive criticism with you.

Focus on the Results

Don’t focus on process—focus on results.  It’s a much more empowering mindset, and it leads to problem-solving using innovative solutions.  Simply put, those who focus on results tend to think outside to box to get things done.


An agile approach to your project management is without a doubt a great way to yield results.  And, with the right path to developing your team, you are setting yourself up for some serious success.  

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