Regardless of whether you are moving to your new house or just redecorating your home, moving weighty fixtures is a big responsibility. In fact, it is a good choice to hire professional helpers such as Brisbane Removalists to quickly and easily arrange or move your furniture to your new home or office. However, you might need to consider that there is a high chance that there will be a time that you can’t have any help when relocating your big and heavy furniture. At first, you might think that moving your own stuff and heavy fixtures from one house to another looks like a difficult thing to do.  Actually, this is simpler than what you are thinking right now. With proper tools and techniques, you can move heavy furniture like couches, chairs, and mattresses. There are six simple ways to move large furniture while moving into another home or office without damaging any of your stuff.

1. Evaluate and create a plan.

The main objective of moving heavy fixtures is to be creative and productive at the same time. You can make a checklist on what heavy stuff should be prioritized and needs to be on the moving truck. You should also find ways on what needs to be loaded and when they are needed to be loaded. Mattresses and cabinets should go closer to the back of the truck to help in stabilizing the weight and keep all your assets safe. Meaning, you should begin placing the heavy things and then filling in gaps with lighter containers and smaller objects of fixtures.

2. Make use of furniture sliders.

These furniture sliders are helpful when you are moving your heavy stuff at home. These can protect your things and your walls as well. You do not want your hardwood or carpets to be scratch or damage right? This is the main reason why it is important to use these furniture sliders. Moreover, using these will lessen your worries about the risk of damaging your things because these tools were created to protect your beloved furniture. Lastly, it is often advised to not remove these sliders even after you move the furniture.

3. Stand couches on both ends.

It is almost impossible to move a sofa through your door easily. You should estimate the space and find a proper way to go through it. So, you should position the sofa on its top end and push it through your doorway at home. If your furniture is slightly bigger than the door, begin to position it diagonally and push it away towards the door.

4. Make use of furniture dollies.

Fixtures dollies are normally built of wood or steel. This is very useful when moving fixtures and has been utilized for more than a decade already. There are two kinds of fixtures dollies. The first kind is a 4- wheeled rectangular platform that can come without a handle or with a handle to push. The second kind is a two-wheel hand truck that has a small base compared to the 4-wheeled rectangular platform. This kind of fixture dollies can allocate the weight equally which is more preferred when moving tall objects.

5. Detach the parts of your heavy fixtures.

Regardless of size, moving out stuff from one home to another is a difficult thing to do. So, separating each household items from small to heavy might be a huge burden to you. For your lounge chairs or seats, remove any free pieces like cushions and ensure that any seat which can fell or collapsed is separated to avoid inconvenience. Moreover, while moving dressers or bookshelves with drawers or racks, if it is not important, you might want to consider leaving it entirely to remove a large amount of weight. If possible, you can simply expel the drawers and racks from their bigger units. In any event, ensure that they won’t open or move while you convey the items to avoid accidents and discomfort.

6. Lift your furniture properly.

As much as possible, you must lift heavy equipment closer to your chest or your body. This type of technique will make a difference because it will keep your balance. This will prevent you from hurting your back and hands. Moreover, lifting things closer to your body will reduce the risk of falling items.

Here is another thing that you should be aware of. Lower or bend your knees when starting to lift. The first thing that you need to prioritize when lifting an overwhelming fixture is to put the weight on your legs and not on your back. In order to manage the weight effectively, crouch at your knees for the underlying lift as opposed to twisting around. This will put most of the mass onto your arms and legs when you rise, and not onto your back.


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