Termites are not often visible, and by the time they make their presence known, they would have already made a pretty huge mess in your house. It would be fine if the problems they cause are only cosmetic in nature. Sadly, they can make huge structural issues compromise the safety of the house itself and the residents. Dealing with a termite infestation needs the professionals, and here are the seven steps you need to prepare your home for termite treatment:

Make Temporary Living Arrangements Before Treatment Starts

Secure a hotel, rent an AirBnB, or stay with family and friends a week before the termite treatment procedure. You have to book your accommodations ahead of time to ensure you have somewhere to go. the chemicals they use are extremely harmful for humans, so it is best to vacate your home temporarily. The exterminators will usually tell you how many days you need to stay away til the coast is clear; and it usually takes around 3 to 4 days to get all the toxic fumes out. There’s no need to pack up our clothes all your clothes as they usually remain safe until the gas completely dissipates.

Do a Survey of Each Room and Make the Necessary Preparations

To avoid being overwhelmed and confusion, work on one room at a time. Make sure everything from all the cabinets and drawers are left open so that the gas can enter every nook and cranny. Open your drapes and blinds, as well. You have to ensure the your mattresses and clothes have to plastic covers because the termites can run inside and used the plastic as a barrier to protect themselves. You do not have to worry about contamination of these non-edible items because gas does not stick to these surfaces. If you are worried, you can do a quick wipe down when you return.

Call the Gas Company to Shut Off the Supply

Be sure to shut call the gas company to shut off the supply on the day the exterminators come to fumigate. You don’t want any untoward accidents to occur between two different types of gas chemicals. Err on the side of caution and avoid the possibility of combustion. Call them back to reconnect the supply once you receive a certificate of re-entry.

Remove All the Items at Risk of Contamination

The exterminators will provide special fumigation materials to seal whatever food is left in your fridge or in your pantry. Double bag everything for your peace of mind. Better yet, once you make an appointment, make sure that you no longer go food shopping, so you can work on cleaning off whatever is in your stockroom. On top of that, do not forget to take out your houseplants because they too are living creatures that cannot withstand the toxic gas.Make sure all your pets are also out of the house with your or in a pet boarding facility.

Prep the Lawn and Backyard

It is critical to prepare your house’s immediate surroundings before the tent fumigation. Remove any vines or branches that lead towards your home’s structure because termites can use them to crossover. Trim everything so that the ten can fall to the ground and make a secure cover. It is vital to water your plants before fumigation begins as this helps protect them from the hazardous chemicals.

Prepare the Things the Exterminator Will Need

Make sure you lock up all your precious belongings in a metal or plastic safe or bring them with you because you’re going to have to leave your keys with the exterminators. They need access to your house to check the attic and the crawl space beneath your house. Fret not because they will install double locks to keep intruders out during the termite treatment process.

Contact a Reputable Fumigator

Since you are going to great lengths to prepare your house, belongings, and your family, you have to make sure that you only contact a reputable company, like the Bennetts Services. This company will give you a precise figure before sealing the deal, so you won’t be surprised when billing time comes. Go the extra mile and double check their company profile business board. You can also ask for personal referrals and read online review testimonials to do your own background check on the company. Being vigilant is necessary because you are giving them access to your whole house. You have to make sure that the people coming in to provide treatment can be trusted.


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