We live in a demanding modern world. Yes, technology is way more advanced, work from home jobs are the norm, but still, family time is scarce. One major contributor is that having a family costs a hefty price. According to statistics from USDA, the cost of raising a child has substantially increased by 40% between 2000 and 2010. Currently, parents would need around $233,610 to provide for their child from birth up until 18. The increase in price means the increase in work.

According to a study published in 2017, parents are now spending more time with their kids compare to parents from 1965. Parents of today now spend around 104 minutes every day, while parents from the past spend less than an hour. That is still significantly less than what is a need for a child. The extra time comes from work from home jobs where you get to skip the commute.

A child with reduce family time is at risk to develop bad habits and have lower grades. Spending a substantial amount of time for family bonding can make the child feel loved, valued and important. This will help them develop confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and overall good behavior when they become an adult. In addition, it creates wonderful memories that last a lifetime. So, find ways to spend more time together as a family.

Movie Night

Watching a movie or TV show together might sound like a classic, but it is a proven highly effective bonding moment between family members. Make sure that every program you watch is appropriate for their age. It also helps if you make this moment an interactive activity. Exchange thoughts and ideas between you and your child about the details of the show or movie. If you get the chance, you can also highlight the moral lessons that are being shown in each and every program you share.

Visit A Zoo

Taking your family to a local zoo has a lot more benefits than just seeing beautiful animals. A visit to a zoo can help your kids learn about the behavior of an animal firsthand. This is a good time to talk about colors, shapes, and textures with your young child. You can even learn about the ecosystem of each animal.

Visiting a zoo will also give you a lot of exercise, which could be a good activity before movie night.

Cooking And Eating Together

You don’t have to prepare a feast, but prepare a special dish that is loved by you and your kids. Having your kids help you out making the dish will make them feel helpful and important. In addition, they get to hone their cooking skills and learn a family recipe from you.

This is a good way for your child to practice their motor skills, listening skills, and even math skills.

Visit an Arena of Ball Park

Whether it is baseball, football or basketball, watching a game in person is surely going to be a fun experience for you and your kids. Seeing other fans cheer, tasting the yummy food, and experiencing the atmosphere is just different in person than it is on tv. Additionally, having your kids watch a live game can encourage them to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Enjoy a Concert

Apart from you, kids look up to celebrities they see on TV. It is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when the celebrity portrays and encourages good morals and manners. If you have the money, purchasing tickets to watch a concert of their idol will earn you the trophy of being the best parent in the world. Watching a concert together is a bonding experience that is exciting, fun and interactive. Feeling the beat and the atmosphere in a concert is a much different way of experiencing your child’s favorite star.

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