There are plenty of ways to promote your small business using logo stickers, and whether you’ve thought of them before or you’re already doing some, there are sure to be more you can do! Stickers are a fun and affordable marketing tool that you should be capitalizing on more than you currently are.

Many people find stickers so fun and amusing that they don’t even think of it as advertising. It’s minimally invasive and much less annoying than a lot of other in-your-face sales tactics that turn them off.

People like using them to express their personality, which means it gives you a way into their lives with minimal cost and effort. Promote loyalty, make your customers feel special, and elevate recognition of your brand by using stickers in the following ways.

1. Give them to your customers.

Whether you are shipping online orders or ringing people up in the store, throw in a few stickers. You can put unused stickers in the bags and boxes you give your customers so they can use them for whatever they want.

It’s that something extra they get for shopping with you and it makes them feel special.

You can also put your stickers on your bags and boxes, so as your customers walk through the parking lot or your packages go through the mail, everyone can see that people are shopping with you.

2. Make your stickers useful.

If someone is already loyal to your brand, they might slap your logo on their laptop, but what about new customers or those who don’t know who you are? If you create stickers with your brand name on them that include an inspirational message or a funny quote, they can better align their personality with yours.

They’ll be more inclined to display your sticker for others to see because they agree or they share your sense of humor.

Go one step further and create stickers with your brand name on them that could be used as labels. They can flag pages in their calendar or organize their filing cabinet. You just made their life easier, and they’ll remember that.

Clear die cut stickers allow you to create stickers in any unique shape you want to achieve something different for maximum impact.

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3. Decorate your store.

If you have a storefront, you can put stickers in your windows to maximize that advertising real estate. Clear stickers make it easy for you to decorate your windows without covering them up too much.

Print stickers that include your store hours, any sales or promotions you’re running, or any other information you want people to see right away. It’s more effective at drawing window shoppers in the door than you think. And with UV resistant designs, you can ensure that the sunlight streaming through the windows won’t damage their vibrant colors.

Once they’re in, do something unique with stickers to make an even bigger impact. You have so much advertising space inside that you’re not currently using. Putting stickers on the floor can help guide people to the part of the store they want.

People can’t help but watch where they step, so putting advertising on the floor is something that sets you apart because not a lot of businesses do it. Waterproof stickers are perfect for customers coming in from the rain or snow, and they’ll last, even when they get walked on.

When it comes to using stickers in business, the more creative you are, the more attention you’ll get. You can endear your brand to people by building relationships and connecting with them in fun and inspirational ways.

No matter how you choose to use stickers, include contact information wherever you can so people can learn more. Social media, websites, and QR codes are interactive ways to connect with everyone.MakeStickers allows you to create a wide range of custom stickers in all shapes and sizes, with professional designs approved by you before printing. Step up your business advertising with stickers today!


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