Can you imagine how many smartphone users are there in the world. Or can you even count numbers of app downloads in a day? Well, your answer might be a clear cut no. This might show that the mobile application development platform is one of the most trending and hot areas until now.

The app development industry is continuously evolving, so are the new trends in the app development process. Meanwhile, the advent and introduction of wearable technology are also affecting the app development industry to a great extent.

Wearable technology is coming up as more advanced than hand-held technology due to sensory and scanning features. These sensory and scanning features are generally not present or we can say highly active in laptops and mobiles. Just because of this, wearable technology is largely impacting several domains like fitness, healthcare, fashion, education and many more.

Before jumping to the ways wearables are influencing mobile app development, it is also important to know what is wearable in the very beginning.

What are Wearables?

Call it wearable technology, wearables, fashion technology, fashion electronics, fashion bands or anything else suitable, they are together be called smart electronic devices. And these devices can be incorporated into any kind of clothing or worn on the body as an accessory.

Moreover, a wearable device is basically used for tracking and monitoring vital signs of data related to health and fitness along with generating feedbacks indicting emotions and biofeedback.

Some of the most famous and important examples of wearables or wearable devices are Apple’s watch, Google Glass, pedometer, VR headset and many more. Due to their popularity and demand across different industries and domains, the demand for custom mobile applications is also increasing.

Hence, in this way, wearables are forcing a lot of improvements and opportunities in the development of new mobile applications.

It’s time to check how will mobile application zone will be changed due to wearables?

Ergonomic Interface

The application which will be designed for wearables will have user interfaces with relevant and precisely placed features. 

All the features and instructions shown and introduced in these applications will be concise along with ergonomically assembled tabs for easy and faster access.

Faster and light

It is essential and important to develop mobile applications for wearables that are light and faster. Making the application faster and lightweight will make the information load quickly and responding to the individual commands gently.

Thus, it is like a new challenge and opportunity for the app development agency’s developers to develop an app accordingly. The fluid and smooth experience of the app will make customers more inclined to their wearables.


Well, business is all about growing and trends are all about bringing a positive vibe in the society for making lives easier and better. The same is the case of wearables also. It might be possible that the applications for the wearable devices could focus more on customizable notifications.

These customizable notifications may include text messages, voice memos, reminders, signals, recommendations, etc in order to give users the freedom and capability to manage the app in whatever way they wanted it to be.

Longer battery life

Users want real-time data and information, hence it will be a challenge to develop the mobile application for wearables for lowering the energy consumption. And this lower energy consumption will result in longer battery life of the wearable gadgets.

Thus, the longer battery will make users use the device by stretching the time period without carrying the tension to charge the device after every hour. 

The buzz for the same is getting a good hype in the market, hence, if you are also planning to go ahead with the same, make sure you are hiring the best and acknowledged app development company in order to get satisfied results.

 Data transmission

App development companies are making no stones unturned for making their users and customers having seamless wearable device experience.

The application specifically meant for wearable devices will allow fast and seamless data transmission among devices. This way, businesses and enterprises and also the startups can take up the opportunity to grow.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the technique or we can technology that is transforming many things in a modified way. The same is the story and concept of artificial intelligence in wearable technology.

Mobile applications for wearables can also inject the dose of artificial intelligence by using AI algorithms in order to predict user behaviors along with making modifications accordingly.

Different Platforms

With the advent of technology and other things, it is becoming easier to buy smartphones and tablets at an affordable price. Hence, a mobile app should have the ability to operate on various different tablets and other smartphone devices.

Though, wearable apps are meant to communicate with apps on a mobile device and cannot work on devices. Therefore, developers need to develop an app according to the need and requirements of the device.

Change in the Screen Size

This is highly obvious, as the mobile applications for the wearable need to develop and design in such a way that it suits the shrinking screen sizes of the devices.

Meanwhile, the app should possess a wearable tech ecosystem, along with presenting accurate and detailed information via changes in the screen sizes. 

For startups and renowned business firms, though the future of wearables is challenging, there is no denying that the result will be quite fruitful and worthy. Moreover, it is also important to know how much it costs to develop an app for a smoother passage and organized dealing.  

Data+ Cloud+ Security

Though the future of wearable is quite challenging but not impossible to achieve.  To make things secure and well-organized cloud service can come handy. Cloud can be used in order to store primary data, as it will be acting as storage and allocating a place for the massive amount of data.

Thus, the data will come up with the security concern, this is the reason, security standards should be efficiently employed through the mobile app in order to save and secure the data. 

Additional features like biometric, voice recognition techniques, can be executed without hampering the concern of security.

Real-time Communication

Real-time communication may seem like a challenge but the future of app do lies near it. The power of real-time communication can be accessed through mobile apps. This dedicated feature can certainly help professionals in the healthcare business. 

But it is not limited to healthcare only, the feature will be helping enterprises also in order to get tracking information about employees and other share markets things in a few seconds.

Augmented Reality

It seems Augmented Reality is like a coffee, everyone wants to have a sip of! Wearables are the future of the society, hence, the mobile app meant for the same needs to evolve.

The future of wearable also depends on some portion of AR techniques that will ultimately enhance the human sensory experiences like sight- hearing, touch or smell along with improvising the navigation with the help of maps.


Watches, glasses, lenses, fitness trackers, clothing, jewelry, accessories and many more, wearable devices are coming up strongly. Hence, wearable technology has great hope and lying golden opportunities for businesses and firms in the app development process. 

Though the process of making apps to match wearable will take some time, the growth is so sure. Moreover, consumers are the king and the consumers will also play an important role while developing mobile apps and it’s future in the market.

In order to go ahead with the same, hiring the best mobile app building company will do wonders, one can also outsource the app development company for a similar result and outstanding future.

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