With the rise in the value of Bitcoin and the obvious benefits of the blockchain, several experts opine that cryptocurrencies will become the currency of the future. Since they don’t have a central governing authority, they have the potential to be global.

There are several people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies but aren’t aware of how they work. This is why they skip on the golden opportunity to generate wealth since crypto is still in its nascent stage.

The Wealth Chain Club was made to help those people. It helps users understand cryptocurrencies and how they work. With the right education, you can know which cryptocurrency to invest in and how.

Different levels for different users

Wealthchain is a new venture and is going to be launched soon. Its membership packages come in three flavours. The level 1 comes at just £99 for a month. It lets you have monthly token allocations, P2P trading, and access to its crypto academy.

At level 2 for £499 per month, you get level 1 goodies plus bonus allocations of tokens, exclusive invites to events, and access to webinars. And the best package is the level 3 package for £999 per month that gives you everything of level 2 plus a complimentary guest list to all events along with monthly live Q&A sessions.

High-quality projects

Wealth Chain Club has built partnerships with some of the most reliable blockchain projects. As a member of their family, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best projects to invest in. Wealthchain experts take care to invest in only the best projects so that investor money is safe and grows as the projects grow with time.

There’s a lot on offer

There are three types of monthly memberships and each one of them will get you a basket of coins and tokens that will be deposited in the user’s account from blockchain projects.

Apart from the tokens, members also get a chance to participate in podcasts and webinars held by the founding members of Wealthchain. They will also get to access the documents related to project marketing. This includes light papers, whitepapers, social media feeds, and explainer videos.

This will help the members understand how cryptocurrencies work and how the projects can help them. They can also see the utility of the coins and tokens they receive.

Exclusive benefits of members

Each member gets several benefits depending on the level they select. Some benefits that you may get as a member are:

  • Monthly tokens in various cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies belong to several market sectors.
  • Access to qualified and exclusive ICO opportunities.
  • Access to crypto academy where members can learn from experts. The program includes e-courses and webinars.
  • An experienced management team that finds and curates the best crypto projects.
  • Access to the latest industry insights and news.

Unique advantage

If you are an investor, Wealth Chain Capital will help you find a way to enter the crypto market. If you have been looking for a way to deal in the blockchain space but didn’t know how to, Wealthchain is here just for you. It will provide you with an easy entry point that will expose you to the crypto market. While there are several risks in this highly volatile market, the experts in Wealthchain make sure they partner with the most reliable blockchain projects that show a lot of potential in the coming times.

Disclaimer: This article was supplied by Phillip Nunn – a thought leader and speaker on the Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency, and Fintech – follow his blog.