If you are struggling with losing weight, you are not alone. Approximately 50% of Americans surveyed are currently trying to lose weight as well.

Weight loss is a sensitive topic for many, and the answers to weight loss are actually quite simple. Many studies have discovered that an increase in protein intake is a proven strategy for shedding those last pounds. 

The only problem is, how do you know if you are getting enough protein in? Also, what are some creative ways to increase your protein intake?

Baking with protein powder is a creative way to ensure you are consuming adequate protein, and also a delicious alternative to eating mass amounts of meat and beans. 

Keep on reading to learn how you can start baking with protein powder and start enjoying your weight loss diet again!

Protein Pancakes

Everyone loves eating pancakes for breakfast, however, regular pancakes are full of processed sugar and junk. 

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case when baking with protein powder. You can mix a banana with some whole oats, a splash of almond milk, cinnamon and protein powder.

Now you have a nutritious and delicious protein-filled breakfast, without the guilt. 

Cookies and Cakes With Protein Powder

There are numerous recipes online for baking with protein powder, from cookies to cakes, and beyond! 

Have a birthday party coming up? This is the perfect chance to introduce this great concept to your healthy friends and show them that they can enjoy their birthday cake without guilt. 

Need a snack throughout the day? This is a great opportunity to have a chocolate chip protein cookie to keep you satiated. 

How to Bake With Protein Powder

Baking with protein powder is easy, but there are some points you need to understand before you start sifting!

The general rule of thumb is to exchange 1/3rd of the flour with protein powder. This way, you have a soft and fluffy treat rather than a hard, spongey, and tasteless edible item.

To keep the sugar down, you can also replace the sugar with mashed bananas, extra vanilla extract, or use coconut sugar instead. 

Make sure you have enough fats in the recipe, this will make sure the result is moist instead of dry and spongey. Some healthy fats to add are avocado, coconut oil, and Greek yogurt.

Benefits of Baking With Protein Powder

You no longer have to feel the guilt associated with baked goods when you have protein-filled cookies.

In order to know how much protein you need, make sure you check out a guide to using protein powder for weight loss first. Then you will know how much protein to add to your recipes and how many pieces of protein cake you can eat.

Learn More About Baking With Protein Powder

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! 

Baking with protein powder may take a bit of practice at first, but once you get it, the options are limitless!

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