Being a bridesmaid is one of the best and special experiences in our lives. It feels good to know that someone wants us to be their bridesmaid. If you have never been a bridesmaid in the past, then you might not have an idea about the things required by a bridesmaid at a wedding. One of the most essential things to have is an excellent and beautiful outfit. In order to look like a great bridesmaid, you must look for jadore dresses for sale in Brisbane. The below discusses are some of the most essential things that a bridesmaid must have.

1. Timeline of the Wedding:

It is important for you to be there with the bride several times of the day. This is the reason why you must have a proper timeline of the events that are going to happen on the wedding day. After you have a proper timeline, make sure you know the times when you will have to be there with a bride. Your absence will give a bad impression and may make the bride feel bad about it. If you want a break, then you will always have a timeline to refer to.

2. A Written Speech:

Are you a person who is not good at memorising things and have a problem speaking in front of a crowd? Then it is suggested to have a written speech. After the wedding, when you are asked to speak, you can take out that piece of paper and can read aloud whatever you have written. Therefore, sit comfortably and write something really beautiful and touching that you, as a bridesmaid, will be speaking at the event. You can rehearse the speech so that you can deliver it perfectly on the wedding day.

3. Emergency Supplies:

Since you are one of the closest to the bride, you shall have an emergency kit. Prepare a box that has band-aids, essential medicines, pain killers and eye drops. In case of an emergency, this kit will always be helpful. Apart from that, you must also have plenty of tissues with you. This will be helpful if the bride or you require them to wipe tears or smudged makeup. If possible, have a portable makeup set along with you in this emergency kit. This will help you to maintain your and bride’s look during the wedding and other ceremonies.

4. Some Sweet Surprises:

Since you are the bridesmaid, it becomes your responsibility to make the bride happy on the wedding day! You along with some friends must plan a surprise party to have fun after the wedding. Apart from that, you can also have some exciting and sweet surprise gifts for the bride. Do everything that the bride would love and enjoy! It could be anything from a sweet hand-written note to some exclusive products. Make sure that you do every essential task to make their wedding memorable, fun and exciting! These small surprises are some of the ways in which you can make them feel happy and special.

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