Apart from the well-known tourist destinations thousands of tourists visit, there are many hidden gems Paris worth exploring. These places are beyond the guidebooks and are among the plenty of lesser-known sights in the city. Here are a few of these places you can visit if you want to escape the crowds.

1. Explore Parc de Bercy

This public park located along the River Seine spreads over an area of 14 hectares. It is a serene green place perfect for people of all ages. Situated on the former wine market site, it still retains many of the old features, such as cobbled streets and an old railway line.

The park comprises three different gardens with walking trails, footbridges, rose gardens, vegetable gardens, and ponds. There is also a multi screen cinema called the Cinematheque Francaise and a museum dedicated to the world of cinema called the Musee de la Cinematheque.

2. City Gaze at the Rooftop of the Gallery Lafayette Haussmann

For experiencing a 360-degree view of Paris, go to the rooftop of the Gallery Lafayette Haussmann. The rooftop offers one of the best views of Paris and is one of the hidden gems of the city of Paris.

You can see a complete view of the Eiffel Tower along with The Garnier Opera House and more. It is not a very crowded place, and the rooftop also features a bar and restaurant where you can chill out while you admire the marvelous view. Visit this place during sunset to capture wonderful pictures.

3. Walk Through the Streets of Rue Cremieux

This colorful street in Paris is a perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures. This is not a commercial street and is a small, quiet, hidden pedestrian-only street lined with pastel-colored houses and shutters located in the center of the city. This enchanting well-maintained street is void of tourists, and you will love to stroll down this worthy street. Capture beautiful images in the picturesque and adorable setting while enjoying the serenity.

4. Stroll Along or Sit by the Canal Saint-Martin

Located in the heart of Paris, the Saint-Martin canal connects the city’s River Seine to the Canal de L’Ourcq. This place is less crowded and is another of the many hidden gems in Paris.

The area surrounding the canal is calm and peaceful and is lined with trees and street art. Parallel to the canal are restaurants, bars, and shops, and you can easily spend a few hours exploring the surroundings.

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5. Visit the Sainte – Chapelle

The Sainte-Chapelle is an example of Gothic architecture built in the 13th century. Many tourists miss out on visiting this spectacular and hidden gem of Paris. This chapel is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, near the more famous cathedral Notre Dame. When you visit the chapel, you will be amazed looking at thousands of magnificent stained-glass windows.

Each piece of stained glass, when pieced together, depicts stories from the Old and New Testaments. When light passes through the stained glasses, the Sainte-Chapelle looks like a kaleidoscope of colors. There are many more hidden gems in Paris for tourists to discover. So, make sure you plan for a long holiday to experience the city better.


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