Do you want to know the characteristics of LCD? You must its features and characteristics to place an order or to have knowledge of the technology. If you don’t know the features of tech, you will not be able to distinguish between the good quality and low quality products. This is the special guide for you to know and find out how to look for the features. Specifically, about TFT screen, do you know how it works and why it’s an LCD screen?

Let’s start with what actually is TFT? TFT stands for “Thin-film-transistor”. The Crystal Liquid display is the thin type of display that is embedded to each crystal gate and the transistors are printed on a fine transparent film. This technology is particularly designed to enhance the quality of images for example contrast and addressability. It has taken quite a number of years to improve its quality and yes now a days, it very famous among tech companies. The features of this amazing technology are:

  1. The LCD resolution can be extremely high, and the pixels per inch of mobile may reach to 300
  2. Grayscale LCD can show wide range of colors
  3. When it comes to TFT LCD screen, due to the maintained signal system, color and brightness does not needed to be refreshed time and again. Because of its high quality, the picture does not doge or miss and even not have bad impact on your eyes.
  4. Traditional display material is phosphorus, the effect of the electron beam phospher, the electron beam in touch for some time on the fluorescent powder can generate powerful electromagnetic radiation, although many displaying products are more efficient to minimize radiation in the therapy of radiation on the processing process. The LCD screen also has its own characteristic benefits in averting electromagnetic wave, has a rigorous sealing technology, will come from a closed circuit with a tiny electromagnetic wave mount on the screen, and needs a standard displays to show heat outlet, must allow the inner circuit to be exposed to the atmosphere so that the inner circle is exposed to the atmosphere as much as possible.
  5. High quality display color
  6. Features a longer half-life
  7. No “ghosting”

These characteristics show the quality of TFT LCD that makes it possible for the customers to buy specially of Stone brand.


  • Consumes less energy
  • Sharper visibility        
  • No distortion
  • Good for weak or old eyes
  • Requires less space when put in office or at homes


  • Deals with the angles of vision that sometimes creates distortion
  • Resolution is static
  • Color contrasts are not accurate

In future, the technology will be more advanced and will have more accuracy in it. Therefore, stay tune to it in order to look for new arrivals in the market and must not miss out amazing services. Stone always manage to provide the best solution to its customers and work for the betterment of the products and services and builds a positive relationship so stay in touch for good!


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