Zodiac signs are apart of astrology that gives meaning to a person’s birthdate and personality traits that they may have. People at times find that they act or behave in a certain way because the moon is full, and their specific sign has been known to change during the full moon phase.

All of these things may be confusing if one doesn’t understand the different types of zodiacs and what they mean. However, if you keep reading, we are going to give you an in-depth guide of the 12 signs and what they mean.

Different Types of Zodiacs

Most people know where they fall on the calendar and which zodiac sign they are. However, some individuals are born on the cusp and are confused about their sign.

What does born on the cusp mean? It is when someone is born within 3 days of a sign change, leading to some confusion about their sign. Below you’ll find the dates for each sign and their meanings.

The Ram

March 21-April 19.

The ram or Aries zodiac are said to be enthusiastic and full of energy. Aries love adventures and never shy away from pushing themselves beyond their initial limits to see how far they can go.

The Bull

April 20-May 20.

The bull or Taurus zodiac is the most reliable and dependable of all the signs. People that are Taurus value having a foundation and stability in their lives. They aren’t fond of changes and can be stubborn.

The Twins

May 21-June 20.

The famous twins or Gemini as they are known to have a ying and yang persona. They enjoy communicating with others and have a never-ending list of creative ideas to share.

The Crab

June 21-July 22.

The Crab zodiac has to feel appreciated and needed by those that are in their lives. They have a tremendous sense of home and feel that warmth and comfort from their surroundings.

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The Lion

July 23-August 22.

The Leo is royalty amongst all and can draw others to them. They are happiest when they are the center of attention and life of the party at all times.

The Virgin

August 23-September 22.

The Virgo zodiac is known for their analytical and organized thought process. They typically rely on their intuition to help them make important life decisions.

The Scales

September 23-October 22.

The libra thrives best when everything in their life is balanced. They need that sense of harmony in their lives and may go to any lengths to achieve that desired balance.

The Scorpion

October 23-November 21.

The Scorpio finds that they are often misunderstood by people around them. Scorpio tends to be secretive at times, however, can accomplish massive tasks with great focus.

The Centaur

November 22-December 21.

The Sagittarius is the philosopher of their group and filled with wisdom that they must share with others. Sagittarius find themselves wandering to places around the earth due to their pleasure in living life.

The Goat

December 22-January 19.

The Capricorn is a brilliant sign and finds themselves great at being organized. When it comes to their personalities, they are confident in their abilities to accomplish various tasks.

The Water Bearer

January 20-February 18.

The Aquarius tend to be quiet and have quirky personalities. They are the sign that will fight for the common good of humanity regardless if others join them.

The Fish

February 19-March 20.

The Pisces is full of life and imaginative. At times they can be gullible and are usually introverts. But, that makes them compassionate to others and incredibly trustworthy.

Which Sign Are You?

The different types of zodiacs all have their own characteristics that make them who they are. If you’d like more information about the signs or anything else related to it, check out the rest of our website.

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