In order to keep your employees engaged and motivated to drive high performance, every company needs a performance management system that provides an array of features that enable companies to achieve those goals.

When it comes to choosing the best performance management system, it can get a bit challenging are there are plenty of them available online.  To help you out with making the right choice, we bring you some of the most popular and highly rated systems find on the market today.


AssessTEAM supports businesses wanting to carry out employee reviews with a large number of features.  This provider uses a traditional approach when it comes to performance reviews. What makes AssessTEAM popular are its mobile app, features, and price. They charge $1 to $3 for an employee per month.

AssessTEAM features include managing goal settings, reporting and reviews,360-degree feedback on performance reviews, easy integrations to other used software packages, employee recognition so boost their knowledge, engagement, and motivation retention. It also provides an online dashboard used by individuals and teams to track their performance.

Zoho People

Zoho People is an HR software, so it can easily be added if you already use it for employee data.

This software is entirely customizable, which enables its users to turn off or on the features depending on whether or not you use them. Those features include basic HR functions, for example, attendance, time, employee self-service, carrying out performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, and performance rates against goals and KRAs.

The price of Zoho People is competitive; they charge between $3 and $5 a month per employee.


Zenefits is an ideal solution for businesses that look for upgrading to a human resources information system (HRIS) in order to manage employees’  HR data online.

Zenefits solution is a bit pricey, starting at $18 a month per employee. Considering it is a complete HR-compliant HRIS software, the price can be justified.

When it comes to its features, you’ll get performance reviews, tools to document one-on-one meetings with managers which can help in bettering your employees’ engagement and performance. It also provides built-in tools used for scheduling and review cycles.

Small improvements

This performance management solution offers options that allow its users to customize this solution according to their business needs. What makes this solution very popular are the involvement of employees in the process, so they can be motivated, engaged and finally highly productive employees, the option to automate the entire process of performance management from goal setting to feedback gathering, and system scores and review forms that are easy to use.

It charges $7 per user a month, though they give a 25% discount if a company pays in advance.

Small improvements’ features are as listed below:

–          goal setting

–           performance reviews

–          360-degree feedback

–          reporting.


The last performance management solution we’ll mention is Lattice. It offers all standard features of performance management:

–          ongoing feedback

–          one-on-one meetings

–          recognition features

It is designed for the non-HR user, and it costs $12 a month per employee.


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