Courier services are increasingly becoming popular and that’s for a good reason. They have advanced over the years hence more and more people are turning to them as a solution to get their deliveries done. It is now possible for you to have a package delivered within just twenty four hours. When in a hurry and want something delivered within one hour that too can happen.

In Los Angeles, there are so many courier services that it can be hard to choose one among the many. Courier companies all do deliveries but their services may not be all the same. Some offer spectacular services while others may be a bit disappointing. Here is the best courier service in Los Angeles

LA Messenger

LA Messenger is one of the most trusted courier service companies in Los Angeles. This company has been in operation since 1980 and you can be sure they are experienced in this field. You will like their customer service mostly because their staff is really friendly and will serve you well. They operate 24 hours every day of the week and you can even order online. Most important of all is that they deliver packages on time.

A-1 courier

This courier service company has been in business long enough to ensure you receive the best delivery services. They serve various industries including legal, medical, banking, fashion and accounting. Convenience is never a problem with this courier service. They not only offer online order entries but also online invoice payments. Furthermore, they make use of GPS tracking technology to ensure each package is secure and gets to its final destination.  Most customers are happy and content with A-1 courier services.

A-Line Messenger

A-Line Messenger Service is a professional courier service company based in Chatsworth, California. They offer their services at rational rates using efficient and advanced technology. Their services are customized and this makes them unique and preferred by most customers. Since many courier services have to deal with bad weather or traffic jams, this company offers air courier services. If there is a customer who needs a package delivered super-fast, they can opt for the air courier services. This can greatly reduce any delays. In addition, A-Line Messenger offers routing and trucking services among many others.

Clockwork Express

Clockwork Express is a courier service company based in Beverly Hills, California. Aside from offering round the clock services, they also provide routing services, trucking and airport delivery. Their delivery rates are exceptional and quite competitive. This courier service is efficient at what they do and many customers are pleased with their services. Furthermore, they serve several industries including medical, legal, documents, parcels and product distribution.

Essential Courier

Essential Courier will deliver your packages within the specified time frame with no delays. One thing that you will like about this courier service company is their customer service. Both the office staff and delivery staff are really friendly. You have various delivery options to choose from depending on your budget and urgency. There is the economy, rush, regular and time-sensitive. In this case, anyone can seek the services of this company no matter the budget.

Minute Man delivery

Minute Man deliver is a professional courier service company that prides itself to have been in business for a long time. They are reliable and committed to making sure all customers are satisfied with their services. The company offers warehousing services, large truck deliveries, and airport pick up or delivery.  If you want your package to be delivered within 24 hours, they have 24 hour services.

Pacific Couriers

For a courier Service Company to be successful, customer satisfaction should be a priority. This is one such company that prides itself in providing the best delivery services to its customers. In addition, they have several delivery options including 24 hour services, priority, routing, direct and economy. All your delivery needs will be met even when you need a package to be delivered within 2 hours or overnight. They are definitely a reliable courier service company.

Priority Messenger service

Priority messenger service is a courier business that has been in operation for many years. They offer top-notch courier services based on customer satisfaction and convenience. Their services include freight, legal, accounting and documents. If you are looking for a courier company that offers quick and dependable services, then this is the one.


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