Often, in the development and promotion of sites extremely small role is assigned to the usability of sites. However, the convenience of the website is a very important factor (especially if you consider that it directly affects the increase in sales). Therefore, I will briefly outline the importance of site convenience, as well as give a small, but informative check-list usability site. But still, before we give any advice on how to improve the resource, let’s consider what is usability.

Usability is a degree of quality of the general user skill developed as a result of communication with the device or system, for example, a web resource, software, application.

We will define the most basic criteria of the convenience of a web resource (in fact, there are many of them, in this article, we will consider 5 factors affecting usability).

You can evaluate and check the usability of the site using the following points:

  1. Structure.
  2. Important information.
  3. Design.
  4. Navigation.
  5. Loading speed.

Let’s take a look at each of the above items.

Website structure

This word can be pronounced forever, because competent, but at the same time simple and convenient structure plays a key role in the interaction of the web portal with its visitors. The user should be immediately intuitively clear where to click and what will happen after clicking, what page he will go to and what he will see there. Therefore, once again, I repeat that a well-designed structure will go to your resource only to the benefit, because the user will not wander aimlessly from section to section in the subsection and so on in a circle until he just leaves the Internet site, so nothing for themselves has been found because the structure of the online site heavy, incomprehensible and inconvenient to use. The structure is very important for usability.

Important information on the site

Important, necessary and useful, in your opinion, the information should be immediately evident (at once – it is during the first 3 seconds of stay on the site). What is it for? Again, for the convenience of your visitors and increase usability. You do not want them to bypass the entire Internet site in search of pages such as, for example, “Contacts”, “Payment and Delivery”, phone numbers, schedule of the company, etc., and so did not find anything and left the site? Or found, but put so much effort that you do not want to call anywhere, and why call, if they have forgotten about the purpose of their visit? Therefore, it is necessary to place such information on noticeable places – in the header and even to duplicate some contact information in the footer.

Website design

Design plays an important role in terms of user-friendliness. What is meant by the concept of usability site design? Design includes many criteria by which you can assess the convenience of the web site. Here are some of them:

  • The general perception of the resource is easy (Internet resources with the complex design are poorly perceived by its visitors);
  • Graphic elements are simple, and their location – thoughtful;
  • pleasant and matching tones in which the site is made – not irritating and not aggressive shades;
  • controls are located logically;
  • the text corresponds to the design (the form of text submission and its content is a single whole, and it is in this form of information is most understandable and user-friendly);
  • modernity and creativity.
  • Site Navigation

It is extremely important that it is simple and comfortable. It is also recommended that the navigation be the same throughout all pages. This will improve both its perception and usability. A person does not have to get used to the location of any buttons or elements of the resource on each new page.

Loading speed

In this subsection I will be as brief as possible: users in our time are very impatient, they do not perceive the slow platforms and do not want to waste their precious time to thoughtlessly look at everything familiar in the tab of the browser circle of page loading, so from the owners of web sites is expected (rather even required) to make your resource as fast as possible for loading. This will increase usability at times.

Why do you need usability analysis of the site

Improving the usability of the site – a very important aspect of its promotion. As people become more demanding and impatient, focus on usability is extremely important. Any page on the site to the bottom scrolls the minimum percentage of users. Consequently, the main goal of fuselab company in digital marketing, is to be able to interest their client’s visitors. And they can do this only in a couple of seconds, during which a random visitor needs to understand where he is, what the advantages of this site over others like her, and what benefits he expects here. If a person does not receive this information in the shortest possible time, he or she will simply leave the resource and go to another one, which will be more convenient for him or her to use.

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