What Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car in 2019

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

Okay, so you have finally decided to buy an electric car. Maybe it was due to your changing relationship with Mother Nature. Or maybe you just want to go zero-to-100km/h that fast. That’s also a viable reason. Either way, you aren’t sure what are the aspects that you should focus on when buying an electric car. Well, then let this article guide!

How far

How far

How Far

I’m sure that you’ve heard the stories about proud owners of electric cars who have failed to calculate the distance accurately and thus had to resort to cannibalism. The Donner Party of the modern-day.

While such incidents may have happened, new models have a significantly longer range. Tesla Model 3 has a 310-mile range, Chevrolet Bolt EV can run about 238 miles with a full battery, while Hyundai Kona Electric – 258 miles.

Of course, if you are living in Alaska, it will be less than ideal. But if you mostly use your car to navigate the urban jungle, that will surely be enough.

Keep in mind that how much you can travel is affected by the type of terrain that you are traveling on, the weather and how fast you drive.

If you regularly drive on steep roads, while its either scorching hot or unbelievably cold, the range can be reduced by half. Apart from the use of heating and air-conditioning, time is another factor.

After several years of use, the maximum capacity of the battery will decrease as well. Still, the ranges offered in newer models are more than enough if you rarely explore the wilderness.

Charging Stations

Charging Stations

Charging Stations

Charging stations are becoming more and more prevalent. If you are living in the backcountry and you are unable to witness the arrival of the new era, then you may consider installing a charging system in your garage.

Otherwise, you’ll see charging stations next to public parking garages, airports, hospitals, and shopping centers.

There are apps that you can download to check whether a particular charging station has a level 2 or level 3 charger. The level type affects the charging speed, and the difference is quite significant.

The costs

The costs

The Costs

The initial cost of an electric car is quite high but worry not. You don’t have to buy a new vehicle. No matter if you use public charging stations or if you opt to enrich your garage with a piece of new equipment, the costs spent on electricity will be several times smaller.

Additionally, the maintenance costs are much lower. The only part of which replacement will be costly is the battery.

Luckily, at least in the case of the United States, the warranty has to last at least eight years or 100,000 miles, so your worrying is unwarranted. Sorry.

Another thing worth checking is whether your country has any tax credits for this type of purchase. Electric vehicles equal less air pollution, which is why many governments incentivize citizens to choose this type of vehicle.

The repairs

The repairs

The Repairs

When it comes to repairing electric cars, it is best to leave it to the specialists. Even if you have experience in taking cars apart and then putting them back together, electric cars significantly differ from their planet-hating brothers.

It means that even when contacting a specialist, it is best to check first if electric cars are their area of expertise. Alternatively, if you are a stubborn type, you can check workshop repair manuals to deal with the challenge by yourself.

Go green!

Go green

Go Green

The research shows that the medicine is more effective when its taste is less than pleasant. Luckily, especially in the case of newer models of electric cars, the decision to go green doesn’t have to go hand in hand with severe constraints.

Charging stations are popping up everywhere, and the batteries are getting better and better, making cases of involuntary cannibalism much less frequent.

Some aspects still aren’t on the level of their gasoline-consuming cousins, but those are small sacrifices when the fate of the Earth is at stake.

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