Are you interested in voice search? Yes, voice search is one of the latest technologies used to convert the voice search into text. Voice search came into the mainstream in 2011 after Apple’s Siri launch on iPhone 4. In 2015, Amazon Echo became one of the major devices that worked on voice search. After that, various competitors have come along to bring out various technologies that help convert the voice search to text and implement them on websites. 

Do you have any idea of how much the audio market has been developed in recent years? Voice search is one of the best opportunities that help connect your brand directly with the users, mainly in eCommerce. 40% of the smart speaker users in the current days shop on the device at least once in a month. Before you move into why businesses have been implementing voice search, you should know what voice search is.

What Do You Understand By Voice Search?

It is the action where speech is used to ask any question or give commands to the compatible devices that support voice searches, such as smart speakers and smartphones. The searcher speaks to the device, which later converts the speech to the word. 

How Does The Voice Search Generally Works?

Without getting into details of this voice search, digital voice assistants work-

  1. Processing and transcribing human speech to the text
  2. Analysing the text and detecting the questions and commands
  3. Connecting to the external data source like search engines to find the information given
  4. Transforming the information to fulfil the user’s queries.

Who Are The Major Users Of Voice Search In The World?

Some of the major voice search users include Amazon, Google and other reputed brands that contribute more or less by using the voice search. However, it is more important to know that most voice searches happen from mobile devices, not from the speakers. 

How to Add Voice Search Technology On Your Website

The use of speech search for websites has become quite popular today. We all know that the website enhances your digital presence and improves functionality. The start-up companies are using various technologies to stand in the crowd. 

The Steps To Follow To Implement Speech on The Websites Are-

  • Conversion of Speech Form 

In the speech recognition process, the major element is speech entered into the system and is being converted to the digital signal with a microphone attached to it. Analog to digital converter and the mic is used to convert the speech to digital format. 

  • Structuring the speech

In this step, the complex concepts of linguistic and phonetics are being used to structure and analyse the speech. The speech is like the waveform that is analysed part by part. The waveform is later split into various segments by inserting the waveform’s silences. Then these waveforms are segmented. Each segment is known as a phoneme. The phonemes are later matched to the nearest word. 

Hence, it is clear that voice search has become trending currently and more and more businesses are using this to promote brands and connect more users. 

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