Sudoku puzzles are something that gives a profound sense of pleasure and that huge endorphin. These are logical challenges that require you to fill in the 9×9 grids so that each horizontal and vertical row and column along with the 3×3 sub-grids contain the digits 1 to 9. With every new challenge, there are unique techniques that your device and master with time. 

But, what is it that takes you to become a Sudoku champion after all? People don’t really lose their minds over nothing – Sudoku is an excellent puzzle that entices great minds. It has gone far enough to have world championships in its name. So, here are the common characteristics of Sudoku champions, and perhaps you already have all these traits!

Regular Practice

To get the hang of this game or to know the different techniques, you must practice every day. Try different levels of difficulties, solve different grids, and learn about the important tips or tricks online. 

An excellent mobile app like the Easybrain Sudoku free puzzles is a great way to practice regularly. It comes with over 10,000 free puzzles with four different difficulty levels. The puzzles are as good as the paper-and-pen ones. You can easily track your performance, note your mistakes, compete on seasonal challenges, and perfectly hone your skills. The more you play, the more natural a process it becomes. 

Unbreakable Focus

You’ve to learn to cut the clutter, switch off the mind to distractions and spot the right patterns. It’s more like acquainting yourselves with the feeling of getting immersed to the point where you can spend hours together in solving Sudoku free puzzles.

Ability to Perform Under Pressure

Players at championships aren’t just competing against each other but also the clock. Each second matters, and no matter you’re at a world-level tournament or competing on a mobile app – you have to be unflappable even under pressure to get through the challenges!

Stern Determination

You must have that never-give-up attitude to keep playing and keep succeeding at whatever the game throws at you. But, if you’re someone who surrenders at just the initial glance of a problem, Sudoku isn’t for you. It needs serious dedication and an enduring approach to solve puzzles at all costs.

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Meditative Mind

To become a great Sudoku player, you must possess the ability to focus your mind towards the game for the sheer purpose of finding a unique solution without getting puzzled or overwhelmed. So, even if you’re traveling by public transport or just sitting at a noisy coffee shop, you may be able to dedicate your time without getting distracted. 

Competitive Nature

As the experts say, this is quite a solitary game, but that doesn’t make the players shy or meek. Best players are always high with a competitive spirit – against other players or themselves. It’s a silent battle where you must try to outdo your scores each day. 


This is one of the primary skills required to become a great Sudoku player. If any sub-grid doesn’t seem easy or a move appears dicey, you must have the fluidity to change the area of focus from one section to the other and not remain stuck. While it’s true that Sudoku players may have an in-built natural advantage making them great at this game, it would also be correct to say that with time, patience and logic, and with constant practice any person can develop the needed mindset and become a great player.


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