An outfit is never complete without a beautiful handbag that complements it. Both useful and fashionable, a woman loves to collect a variety of handbags. But most often than not, they have one style that becomes their favourite. You can learn a lot about a woman simply by observing the kind of handbag that they prefer

1. Cross-body

they’ve got everything you need and they’re an independent woman. You know what you want and you often get anything you set your eyes on. While other people would love to assist them, chances are, they don’t need their help.

Women who love cross-body bags are not loners despite their independence. In fact, they’re the friendliest people you can meet! They’re open to people, honest, and they seem to always have a positive aura around them.

2. Clutch

Sophisticated, elegant, and outgoing, a clutch is the go-to bag of a woman that is always on the move. They rarely stay in one place. There’s always a destination in their mind. They enjoy the finer things in life, and therefore, they’re always out there, exploring new things and new places to travel.

They’ve experienced almost anything that life has to offer and therefore, their taste is more exquisite than a normal woman. They know the best restaurants in town and they party in the wildest club on Friday nights.

3. Totes

Women who love totes are usually opinionated, happy, outgoing, and unapologetically loud. They are the kind of person that people love to hang out with because they can literally discuss anything. Running out of topic is never their worry!

We’re not talking about the big fabric tote bag that you can buy at festivals. We’re talking about the big Italian leather handbags that look classy and sophisticated in almost any chic outfit! Women who own this type of handbag are also independent thinkers making them extremely fun to talk to.

4. Shoulder bag

Classy and confident, those are the first two words that people think when they see a woman with a shoulder bag. This classic handbag will never go out of style and will forever be used by women in status.

Office women and businesswomen often have Italian leather handbags to show the people around them that they’re someone who demands respect. They’re powerful and self-assured. It’s hard to impress a woman with a shoulder bag!

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5. Backpack

The world is full of adventures and they cannot wait to be out there, exploring! Women who have backpacks have traveled a lot of places but it’s not enough for them. They want to experience more of life and they’re not afraid of risky adventures.


Different styles of handbags serve different functions and it’s easy to decipher a woman’s personality through it. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with one handbag for the rest of your life. Feel free to collect more as long as you love them! There’s a lot of handbags out there and there’s nothing stopping you from owning them all.


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