A car accident rarely goes to trial. Most cases are settled out of court. But if it does, you can expect to spend at least half of your time in court and the other half waiting for the verdict. It is therefore essential to get an experienced car accident lawyer in Stamford to guide you accordingly. Here are a few things that can happen:

First, there is a chance that the two parties involved in the accident will settle out of court before the case ever gets to court. This often happens when one party has insurance, and the other does not. If you are involved in an accident where no one else is at fault and your injuries are minor, you may be able to settle without having to go to court. The insurance company will pay your medical bills with the settlement, but not much else. The other party will get some money to cover their losses, and their attorney fees will be deducted.

In some cases, if you’re hurt and can’t work for months or years at a time, you might be able to collect more money from the insurance company than they offer in settlement. In those cases, you might want to take legal action against the other driver involved in your accident.

Second, if both parties agree to go to trial and they do not want to settle out of court, then they will have their day in court, where they will be able to tell their side of the story and answer questions from the other party’s lawyer about what happened that time before the accident occurred. This is commonly known as a deposition (sometimes called an “interrogation”). In some cases, this could even include evidence from surveillance cameras outside or inside a store or restaurant where someone was injured and from eyewitnesses who saw what happened before or after the accident.

The judge will likely ask both sides questions, which can be just as tough. The judge might want to know why you felt like you were in danger or didn’t stop at the stop sign. You’ll probably also have to answer questions about how much money you lost because of your injuries or how much pain you’re in now.

One important thing: Don’t lie on either side! If you don’t want anyone to know that your story is different from theirs, don’t tell them anything they can use against you later in court.

The third thing that can happen when a car accident goes to trial is that one party may receive more compensation than they bargained for because this is based on how much carelessness played into causing their injury or death. The jury will decide whether or not you are responsible for causing the accident and, if so, how much money should be awarded to each party. The jury will also determine what damages (money) should be awarded to each party.

Lastly, witnesses are asked questions about what happened during the incident that led up to the lawsuit being filed by one party against another. Witnesses are also questioned about their knowledge of any evidence that might be included in court documents (like police reports) or videos taken at the crash scene, which could be used as evidence during trial proceedings.