A contractor willing to perform construction works for compensation in Oregon requires a contractor license to provide the services. Therefore, it is necessary to find a certified training center that helps in getting it by passing an exam.

The training materials provided by such a center must meet the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) requirements. 

Beforehand Planning 

Before applying for a license, it is necessary to define its required essential type. There are residential and commercial licenses available in Oregon. 

Various structure types for construction works require different kinds of permits.

An endorsement chart available online with a detailed explanation regarding the structure type that a future contractor intends to construct or develop can help with the permit choice.

Just enter “CCB License Endorsements Chart” into the search bar of the browser. The search leads directly to the article with this matching title.

When you have all the information you need at hand, it is time to start your preparation. Consult ccblicense.com training center to find information on the proper training you need. There is a 16-hour state-approved course from the NASCLA organization worth the attention of people willing to get contractor permits.

Why Take the NASCLA Course?

The mentioned organization aims to provide the best practices and possibilities for people willing to obtain contractor permits through examination. Citizens of Oregon and other states can fulfill their permit demands in these states by passing the exam. Those willing to perform construction works in various U.S. states must take separate examinations in each state. It makes sense to shorten the time needed and reduce costs by following the NASCLA-accredited examination program and taking the single association course exam instead of every state official commerce examination. It fulfills the demands of the official commerce examination for all 15 participating state agencies. Examination candidates have a particular time to complete it, and to succeed, their score must be at least 70%. 

Those who did not succeed in any of three attempts to pass the exam within a certain period must wait a year before repeating it. Exam preparation courses from At Your Pace Online can help people to pass their exams on the first attempt by showing what materials should be highlighted in required books and offering tips for taking tests and practice exams. 

Important note: Contractors may still be obliged to fulfill additional conditions in each state to maintain their permits. The demands in Oregon include the necessity of company registration, insurance protection for third-party property damage, and abiding by tax regulations within the state of Oregon.


Where to Prepare?

Headquartered in Oregon state, At Your Pace Online training center offers exam preparation, license application assistance, and contractor coaching for various trades and professions. The Center has ARELLO and IDECC Certification for distant education courses. Its training materials have the approval of the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. This training center offers both recorded and online exam preparations at reasonable prices. Its courses are accessible online at any time and on any computer or mobile device. All of the Training Center courses are written and developed by acknowledged experts.

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