Kids have unending energy. They are ever on the move, and they could run up and down in circles for several minutes without getting tired, especially the 2-3year olds. It’s quite tiring to always be on their back, ensuring they don’t get hurt while on it. All the shouting and screaming can drain you both physically and emotionally. For your peace of mind, you need to provide something that could keep them in one place, happy, and also fun. Things like kids bikes and kids ride on cars can get you back your sanity. This takes us back to the main topic: what is a ride in the car?

A ride-on car is a range of car toys that are strong enough to allow your kid(s) to sit on them and move around. Of course, the child’s sitting position will depend on the size of a ride-on car; some can only allow them to sit on top with their legs hanging from both sides and the others are big enough to let them sit on the cabin like an actual car. The most common types are the foot pedal ride-on cars and the battery-operated ride-on cars. These toy cars are quite colorful and are designed for both boys and girls.

Need for a ride on car

Toddlers will imitate everything you do, as they are at an age where they need to understand everything around them. The curiosity in them is overpowering. They will even copy how you drive and make the same sound your car makes. This is the point where as a parent, you need to buy them their own rides and let them divert their creativity on them. There are several of these cars out there in the market to choose from. You should know what your child would or wouldn’t like. The biggest concern, though, is their safety.

Is a ride on car safe?

Imagine putting your 1year old on a battery-powered ride-on car and let them move on their own. It could be frightening, which is normal for a parent. However, these toys are very safe for kids, even that young, to ride on them. Below are the four most crucial safety features that the manufacturers of these toys put in place to ensure they are safe for your toddlers.

1. Parent assist feature

These rides come with parental remote control. This will allow any parents to remotely control these cars, especially if their toddler is not yet at an age to coordinate and operate the forward and back gears and the steering. This feature will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe. When you’re sure your child is ready to ride on their own, you can do away with the remote control.

2. Safety belts

The bigger ride-on toy cars come very much equipped with safety belts to provide more safety measures in an accident because, at that age, anything can happen. Toddlers may even jump out of a moving car to imitate a scene from a movie they watched. As a parent, ensure they tie their safety belts properly before they could propel themselves.

3. The speed is usually slow

This is one feature that looks so much into children’s age group. For toddlers who are still inexperienced and are still learning the concepts; steering and gearing, their ride-on cars come equipped with a small battery, usually a 6V, that can’t travel beyond a 2mph speed, which is very safe for them.

4. Automatic start and stop feature

There is a push-button they can easily reach on, so they don’t have to worry about starting and stopping their rides. This is mainly on rides with gas pedals. The kid can only move forward as there is no reverse, and as soon as they remove their little hands out of the button, their ride-on cars will automatically stop.

Besides fun, ride-on cars can also benefit your kids’ development in several ways. These include;

Ride-on cars can improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem

Letting your child ride on their own can play a vital role in their life. They will feel loved and confident enough to try new things, regardless of how many times they fail. And they will definitely try their best to succeed, so they feel proud of themselves and what they can do. The said confidence self-esteem improves their performance in school, out with other kids, and at home.

It promotes a sense of independence

This is because the child has the sole responsibility of moving their ride on the car. It happens after the parent lets go of the remote control. They will also understand that they need to care for their rides properly.

Improves their motor skills

For most kids who love cars, ride-on cars indeed come as a plus. They get to have an opportunity to try and actualize their imaginations on these rides by turning on the steering wheel and using their hands to press on the automatic stop and start button. Improving their motor skills will come in handy when they are old enough to drive real cars. Then, they’ll have known a thing or two about cars.

If you’re looking for a perfect present for your child, a ride in the car is definitely it. These rides are fun, come in a range of sizes to fit your child, and they also help improve their mobility.


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