The bushing is divided into a conventional rubber bushing and a hydraulic rubber bushing. It belongs to the rubber parts of the automobile chassis. It is the hinge point between the various parts of the body. It has excellent elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics, and can withstand load, isolation, attenuation vibration and noise reduction. To ensure ride comfort, it has an important impact on the design of the car suspension.

The rubber bushing is a material with good elasticity that can withstand large strains without permanent deformation and breakage. In the automotive industry, rubber materials are widely used in various shock absorption and noise reduction devices. In the development of rubber products, durability can be a key performance, because the rubber bush fatigue failure will greatly affect the stability and comfort performance of the vehicle, and even affect the normal safety performance, resulting in accidents.

AA-TOP group specialize in the production of high quality rubber bushings. Products have passed ISO / TS16949 quality management system, exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and more than 100 countries and regions. Long-term cooperation with big buyers and well-known brands has been established in Germany, the United States, Turkey and other countries. Natural rubber comes from Thailand and Malaysia and contains 60% rubber and 60-70 degree Shore hardness. Using the world’s most advanced injection molding technology, rubber density is higher, while improving product quality and controlling effective costs, creating value for customers. The sound-absorbing rubber is made of high-quality natural rubber to reduce noise.

There are various types of bushings, on the one hand, due to different mounting positions and loads; on the other hand, in order to meet performance requirements, such as dynamic and static stiffness, durability. At the beginning of the design, we must first adjust the rubber hardness value, rubber, metal structure and the size of the occupied volume to meet the dynamic and static stiffness values required by customers. Then, make appropriate corrections to achieve target values such as stiffness in the main direction and torsion, yaw, and durability. The skeleton of the rubber bushing of the automobile chassis has different bushing skeletons due to different requirements such as load, installation position and environmental conditions, including: pure rubber bushing, single skeleton bushing, double skeleton bushing, three skeleton bushing and multi-skeleton bushings etc. Pure rubber bushings can be used alone or after being assembled into the inner and outer frames.

The rubber bushing, including the inner sleeve, the rubber layer, the outer sleeve, the inner sleeve and the rubber layer are integrally vulcanized together. And then the rubber body is pressed into the outer sleeve by the tooling, and the rubber bushing is pressed into the outer jacket, due to the hump with a large space between the protrusions, which is favorable for the flow deformation of the rubber and increases the rubber layer.

The features of rubber bushings:

1. Since the shape of the rubber has a relatively freedom, the rigidity of the three directions (axial, radial, and torsion) can be appropriately selected;

2. It can be firmly vulcanized with metal, simplifying the structure of fixing and supporting. Therefore, it can be used to support the load in any of the three directions;

3. The elastic modulus of rubber is smaller than that of metal, which can produce large elastic deformation;

4. The internal friction of the rubber is larger than that of the metal and has a tendency to increase with increasing frequency. Therefore, the rubber sleeve can be used to reduce the resonance amplitude;

5. When the rubber is at low temperature, the dynamic elastic coefficient will rise sharply. Therefore, when selecting the rubber bushing material, it is necessary to improve the high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and oil resistance of the material.

Wonderful design and sophisticated structure depend on advanced production techniques. Without outstanding technology, the service life of rubber bushings will be affected. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of consumer judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple graphic design, they prefer good user experience. AA-TOP now has a variety of internationally advanced production lines and high-quality professionals, committed to new product development and brand operation, strict scientific management, and achieved remarkable results. At present, the design and development of rubber products mainly rely on tests to verify, resulting in long product design cycle and high development costs. In the early stage of project development, the virtual simulation analysis method can effectively predict the durability of the rubber bushing and save a lot of money and shorten the development cycle.

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