Hybrid weightlifting classes do not focus on working a single specialization such as hypertrophy or strength in an exercise routine. They are usually the most common training model followed by bodybuilders and powerlifters, as they help both develop muscle mass and power simultaneously. Apart from being a mixed training methodology, hybrid programs focus on following several specific series and repetitions and mix quite a lot of the techniques performed in each of the exercises. They combine bodybuilding bench presses with partial sequence, stops, board presses, and different styles and lifts. Next, we are going to go deeper into the various hybrid training programs:

Hybrid Program – High-Intensity Training

As most people recognize, high-intensity training is not high intensity at all, but a relatively high-density movement. It should be abbreviated HDT (high-density training) rather than HIT (high-intensity training).

This is because moderate intensities are used in HIT-style training, but the high number of repetitions performed causes concentric, isometric, and eccentric failure. A lot of work is done in a brief period. Sub-maximum loads are used, and the training is quite dense due to short periods of rest.

In this type of program, all kinds of sports modalities are worked, from strength, agility, and explosiveness. It is more focused on obtaining and improving muscular resistance and cardiovascular endurance than on power. Still, individual-specific high-intensity training would undoubtedly help us to gain strength.

Hybrid Program – MovNat

The MovNat or realistic training is a sports practice or, better said, a lifestyle that consists of recovering the human being’s corporal functionality, that we have been atrophying little by little due to the incredible comforts and facilities in our lifestyle caused by the technological advances.

If we follow this training style, we will improve in many different areas, strength, agility, coordination, and many more facets. But not only this, but it will help us to improve group skills and qualities, such as companionship and teamwork, something that very few sports disciplines urge us to promote.

Hybrid Program – CrossFit

CrossFit is not just a high-intensity type of training, as many people may think. CrossFit is the hybrid program par excellence because it mixes all the existing areas and disciplines.

You work on strength, endurance, technique, power, speed, balance, and a long list of other skills. Everything has a place in CrossFit, which says that soon they will not train martial arts because it has as its foundation the functional training taken to its maximum expression.

Hybrid Program – Strength and Muscle Building

Like the Wetsdie method, various training methodologies are based on muscle accumulation (hypertrophy) and strength programs. They are based on structuring a training routine according to these training philosophies. They tend to be very varied and use exciting materials and exercise variants, such as power elastic bands, Zercher squats, box squats, etc. In the first instance, they train exercises related to strength or power, leaving the activities to gain muscular mass, usually being isolation exercises chosen for such purposes, such as bicep curls or quadriceps extensions.