There are many companies that produce computer hardware, software, and middleware. One such software is the Maximo. In this article, we will discuss the things you should know about this software.

What is Maximo?

Maximo is an internet-based CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). It is a management solution system that assists companies with installations, buildings, and equipment. It also manages services such as field locations, work planning, inventory, purchasing unit, and the service desk.

This suite relies on the world’s best practices and it keeps on evolving based on the feedback and experiences of its users. It also has various base products to its name such as the enterprise asset management software and control desk.

Enterprise Asset Management

An asset management scheme is a well-defined process used in managing a company based on its structure, staff size, and industry specialization. You can click on to read more about it.

Asset management appears easy on paper, but the work required is much more complex and serious. There are certain audit requirements, regulations, and technical details needed to carry out this management plan.

When the management of an organization lacks efficiency, the following defects will be discovered:

1. Incomplete Data Information

With no efficient plan, there will be incomplete data collation in terms of organization resources and expenditures. This affects how resources are managed and increase the expenditures of the organization.

2. Communication difficulties

Since there is no proper management plan, communication will suffer. Most problems that arise in a company started mainly because of the lack of proper communication among those in the organization.

3. Delay in Relaying Important Information

An ineffective system will affect how fast important information is disseminated in a company. A delay in such information can affect a company’s decision-making and could cause an increase in operational risk.

The ineffectiveness of managing a firm’s asset can easily be averted with an Enterprise Asset Management System. This system serves as a solution to managing the material assets of facilities, departments, and locations in a company. It covers replacement, operations, designs, and maintenance of assets.

The EAM system software controls asset management. This results in an increase in business reliability, improving maintenance goals, and providing feedback that will help broaden understanding and improve business practices.

The Control Desk

Also referred to as ICD, this is an information technology asset management software designed to help in IT services management. This type of Maximo support system is based on the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) foundation. It is also used as a SaaS or on-premises.

The control desk can help in many ways, and some of the key features are:

  • IT asset management
  • Providing support for service providers
  • Helping in monitoring services, reports, and a chargeback service.
  • Providing a service catalog that helps its users find solutions to their problems.
  • Giving internet-based access to users from any part of the world.
  • A self-service provision that helps users to have access to a web interface.

Additional Products

Maximo Support Software

Within the Maximo software, there are additional products that offer solutions to specific organizational needs. Industries like transportation, utilities, oil & gas, life science, and nuclear energy have specific solutions that meet their industry requirements.

These add-ons help to enhance other Maximo products such as the EAM. There are other add-ons that are designed to provide specific assistance like the GIS integration that can work even in areas with no internet connection. It works with mobile phones, tablets, and electronic maps. It can also work in locations with no internet like in mines.

How is the Support Software Configured?

There are various tools used for this configuration. The tools assist in changing the system page layout, user interface, and adding certain defined content for customers. The support software is currently available in over 25 languages. It comes with workflow and process automation.

Additionally, the software can easily incorporate ERP systems like Microsoft and Oracle through a plug-in adapter. It can also provide support for custom integration on home-installed systems. You can watch this video for a well-detailed explanation of how to configure this software.

Benefits of Using a Support Software

With much already said, here are some benefits of using support software:

  • It helps in tracking, managing, and maintaining critical business assets, thereby, increasing their productivity, keeping up with regulatory compliance, and improving asset decision making.
  • It can integrate your current applications.
  • It is versatile and highly functional.
  • It provides an asset management system that controls and manages every aspect of your business, including storing and retrieving reliable and accessible information.
  • It is intuitive and user-friendly for your organization.
  • It reduces certain business risks and boosts performances.
  • It provides an industrial specialized solution designed for your industry.


Many leading industries in the world today use support software. It provides a comprehensive solution to asset and data management, which in turn ensures an effective decision-making process in every organization.


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