Email encryption is the process of encoding emails to block unauthorized access and ensure that only the intended recipient(s) can consume the information. As online world strives for enhanced security Office 365 email encryption setup comes as a boon in two ways – as a customer control, and in the service. Encryption is used by default in the service and the user doesn’t have to configure it.

Email Encryption Process

The email content is converted from text to unreadable ciphertext which happens in the sender’s system or a central server. When the message is successfully received by the recipient in the unreadable ciphertext format, it is again converted to plain text that’s readable by humans. This conversion is done either by the recipient’s machine or a central server.

With Office 365 email encryption setup users can share information and data with other organizations and individuals through encrypted emails regardless of the recipient’s email address. As these emails are encrypted, the senders don’t have to worry about the safe delivery of their messages.

Importance of Email Encryption in Office 365 Setup

Data Privacy

As already mentioned, your business data and private information should only accessible by you and your intended individuals. Since data privacy is a top priority for all businesses, Office 365 offers email encryptions as an added layer of privacy to users.

Business Compliance

Today, all businesses are required to maintain at least a minimum level of security standard for all forms of digital data sharing including emails. Because the instances of internet crime including email hacking are on the rise, most major corporations make it mandatory for their partners to follow email security protocols and conduct audits to verify the same.

Ease of Doing Business

There are numerous examples where an information breach has soured business relationships. Maintaining high security in information exchange through email encryption adds to the credibility of the organization as undesirable activities such as phishing schemes are kept at bay. This is one of the factors that help strengthen business rapport with clients, which again benefits the business.

Protection Against Identity Theft

Even if another individual gets hold of your email id and password, your identity theft can be avoided using the modern security features of email encryption. This is a crucial advantage as the unwanted use of your email credentials can wreak havoc on your business as well as personal life.

Avoids Spam

Spam messages and attachments can contain viruses that can cause serious harm to your enterprise software. When attachments are shared through encrypted emails, they carry a digital signature, signifying that they are genuine emails and not spoofed ones.

Saves Time

As encrypted emails are protected against all kinds of misuse, no additional security steps are necessary, which saves the organization precious time and money.

Using Office 365 email encryption setup users can send emails from Outlook or Outlook on the web and admins can set up rules to automatically encrypt emails for added convenience. The recipients of such emails, who are using Office 365, can read the message easily using any Outlook version.


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