PCB is an electrical circuit with all of its components contained within a mechanical exterior. It also has conductors like pads, copper traces, heat sinks, etc. The conductors are also fitted within the structure. The exterior of the circuit is insulated through lamination between the conductors. They are also known as the ‘printed wiring boards’. You can buy ready-made quality PCBs from pcbonline.

A world before PCBs

Before a PCB, wires were connected, point-to-point. This process required a lot of time and effort, and failures occurred due to wire entanglement. After some time, wire insulation used to crack and result in short circuits. Afterward, wire wrapping was introduced to overcome the acute conditions and it was the wrapping of the post making a gas-tight connection.

This was a lot better than the trivial wire connections. With the advancements in electronics, vacuum tubes, silicon, and integrated circuits, the world noticed a considerable change in the size and cost of electronic components. This reduction and demand for electronics in production goods called upon better alternatives and after a lot of effort, we have PCB.

What is PCB?

It is a board consisted of lines and pads that allow various connections at one point. A PCB uses devices to transfer electricity. It has a solder that connects the surface and components electrically. As the solder is a metal, it provides strong adhesion.

It is like a cake with different layers. All these years are fixed into one setup through heat and substances like solder.

These layers are FR4 substrate (it is a lamination material), copper (for conduction), solder mask, and the silkscreen (the surface of PCB).

Designing your PCB

You can also design your PCB, you can get your hands on the best quality PCBs. To create your PCB, you need a CAD package. The package should be easy to use, commonly used, it must have an appropriate capability, and the package must be portable. View open-source hardware. Scrutinizing through the work already done is of great help.

Keep practicing. Never expect the first board to be perfect. You have to administer a lot of connections at a point and this can be achieved with patience and time. Sketching is the basic deed. If you want to design a board, first you need to outline how it will look like. What are its purposes and how are you going to assemble different things to make a big bad wolf.

CAD stands for computer-aided designs. These are the software used to help in manufacturing, maintaining, and testing designs. They help in the designer’s productivity, product quality, and finishing.

PCB online

It is an online store that provides its customers with first-rate printed circuit boards. They are guaranteed and trusted manufacturers for PCBs as everything is present on their website. The materials used, the delivery time, the process of PCB manufacturing, and the types of PCBs made, everything is present at this one place. Types of PCBs they deal with are:

PCB prototype

Low cost, high quality, and fast delivery, this is an ideal board for simple connections.


High-density interconnector printed circuit boards are the choice types for costly laminations. These wires are of higher density as compared to the traditional PCB. It helps in the reduction of overall size and increases quality and product electrical performance.

Flexible PCBs

These are designed for durability. They introduce flexibility to the device resulting in fewer connections and hence better quality. The chances of failure are also reduced in such boards.


With high heat resistance and the best copper laminate, the High-TG PCB. It offers better performance, heat and thermal resistance, chemical and moisture resistance, and stability to the circuit board.

Halogen-free PCB

All the traditional PCBs are made up of halogens including chlorine, fluorine, iodine, etc. one of the main reasons for this is their cost-effectiveness. But as harmful as they are for us, it is highly dangerous to use them on such boards. Exposure to halogens can cause nausea, vomiting, and can be fatal.

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