From traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio, advertising shifted towards a new era of digitalization that uses new platforms like social media, websites, and outdoor advertising that uses LED display signs. Its purpose is to promote the products and services offered by a business. Therefore, it needs to be effective in relaying messages and wide-reaching to customers.

One of the fast-growing advertising sectors is digital billboard advertising. It is the kind of outdoor advertising that gives businesses a luxury of ways to promote products and services by displaying informative texts, creative designs, and catchy videos on a widescreen.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is any promotion done outside that exposes a business’s products. Different kinds of outdoor advertising encompass billboards, bus-benches, transportation interiors and exteriors, business vehicles, and signages posted outside the business stall.

According to a survey, 78% of Australians aged 18 and above notice outdoor advertising. At the age of 18, adults already have to earn and buying capacity. Hence, outdoor advertising is useful to catch the attention of this adult population. Moreover, 88% of Australians say that brands on billboards stand out, and 46% believe that billboards bring new products to their attention. With this knowledge, there can be no doubt that business investment for outdoor advertising will never be a waste.

Over time, outdoor advertising is one of the marketing strategies that has grown internationally, hence, leaving traditional marketing behind. Recent market studies have discovered that broadcasting promotion on outdoor screens is significantly more successful than conventional printed media (papers, static boards, etc.). Consequently, there is a developing quantity of digital screens in the city. Since LED screens are financially savvy and offer an exceptional yield of investment, the demand for LED display signs and billboards increased undeniably.

What is an Outdoor LED Screen?

Outdoor LED screens are enormous boards made to exhibit advertisements, any video, and many more. They can be put in any outside zone because of their modular assembling system.

● Outdoor LED Screen Features

Traditional, invariable way of advertising does not have a similar impact on individuals as it used to have. In this fast-paced world, where everything is overwhelming, an immense heap of data is offered consistently. It makes individuals less sensitive, unfocused, and overlooked what they have seen. With this fact, outdoor LED screens are made with unique features that are beneficial to users, especially to businesses in need of massive promotion to catch consumers’ attention.

1. High-Level Brightness

Since an open-air advertising screen must be noticeable whenever, in any event, during sunshine, brightness is a crucial element. Likewise, it must be changed during the evening since it may be hazardous for walkers and drivers.

2. Weather-Resistant

Outdoor LED screens are correctly sealed, designed to be weather-resistant and waterproof, so that water cannot enter inner circuits. Despite this fact, heat will not affect their performance because they are made to dissolve it quickly.

3. Energy-Saving

Despite their complex system, outdoor LED screens have power-saving technology to reduce the consumption of energy. With low energy consumption, it will not be much of a burden for businesses to advertise outdoors since the operating cost is not expensive.

Australia’s Real Estate Industry

Real estate is a booming business in Australia, which is considered as one of the world’s most highly urbanized countries.  The majority of the Australian population resides in metropolitan cities on the coast. Its real estate industry is on the ascent with nearby vacationers and foreigners looking to experience all that Australia offers. Likewise, it is noteworthy that residential real estates represent a more significant part of the nation’s private savings.

Real estate companies can take advantage of Australia being highly urbanized since people are capable of acquiring better health care, food, education, and housing. With enough wealth, individuals and families can invest in real estate. According to research, half of all employment growth in the nation is intensive inside a 2-kilometer radius of the downtown areas of Sydney and Melbourne. Furthermore, in a survey, it was found out that 72% of Australians travel on roads going to and from work. Moreover, 76% of the drivers are at ease and open to check out new products and services.

According to a blog article, Sydney is the most massive urban focus in Australia, a position its metropolitan region has held since the mid-twentieth century. Sydney’s urban focus has 4.3 million inhabitants and the most elevated thickness among the most prominent urban centers, at 2,000 for each square kilometer. Moreover, Melbourne, the second largest metropolitan territory, is the second biggest urban focus, with 4.2 million inhabitants and an urban thickness of under 1,600 for every square kilometer.

How are Outdoor LED Screens Beneficial to Real Estate Marketing?

In line with the information and statistics, real estate marketers can utilize these highly populated areas to advertise their products and services. If companies will display LED screens outdoors or take advantage of real estate window displays for sale, there is a high probability that Australians will notice and get attracted to such real estate advertisements.

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● Real Estate Marketing Trends Toward Digitalization

The trend is currently moving in the direction of digital real estate marketing, taking into consideration social media and online advertising platforms. Advertising materials posted on websites could be useful unless people swipe and swipe. On the other hand, if these materials are plastered through an outdoor LED widescreen, passersby can notice it without a doubt. On the off chance that an individual checks out any interstate or significant lane, he or she will most likely see digital LED billboards appearing to an ever-increasing extent. Hence, putting up real estate LED signs outdoors or obtaining real estate window displays for sale can attract more interest.

● Increases Business Exposure

Digital billboards can display social media and internet advertising, which increases business exposure within the target market. Since many buyers are local, it is an effective way to promote a brand or an agency to the Australian community. Outdoor LED screens are too big that they consistently sway whoever sees them since they can’t be evaded. It is unlike internet promotion that uses advertisement blockers to hide advertisements. Nor is it the same with TV or radio, where one can change the channel when the plugs are on.

● Exhibits Sufficient Information

Simplicity will always be beautiful, and less is still more. Simply the images of houses for sale are enough for a real estate advertisement. Adding prices makes it more effective. Moreover, comparing outdoor LED screens with traditional signages, digital billboards can broadcast innumerable content for 24 hours daily, while paper posters can only promote a single advertisement for a given time.

●  Offers Efficiency and Durability

By just hiring personnel for installation, outdoor LED screens can be utilized by programming and managing contents remotely from any device with an Internet connection. It saves time, money, and effort for designing publication materials and posting it on walls in the subway, bus stops, and others. Moreover, it can withstand unfavorable climate conditions, which extends its useful life and, subsequently, real estate businesses will enjoy its return of investment.


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