If you decided to make a home bar, then one of the essential functional elements is a beer tower. Currently, you can find beer towers of all kinds, materials, and styles. So, there are no problems with choosing the product that suits the interior of your bar best.

Choose the Dispenser Style

The style of the dispenser should suit the style of the entire bar. Match it in color and material. For example, a chrome or stainless steel tap tower would be perfect for a modern or high-tech bar.

The ceramic tower will add to a vintage interior. It is ideal for retro-style pubs and bars. Ceramic tap towers are available in red, blue, white, green, and many other colors. You may select the best that suits the taproom interior. 

Define the Place

It is important to initially determine the area of ​​the bar for the pub. Depending on the space, you can choose the location of the dispenser.

Wall-mounted beer tap is a perfect solution for tight spaces. Despite being economical in space, the wall tap towers can hold up to 12 different beers. The materials are various:

  •  Chromium
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Brass

In wall-mounted dispensers, the beverage is cooled in one of two ways: air or glycol. In the air method, cooled air enters through the tubes. The second technique uses the circulation of a liquid that carries the cooled glycol.

Think of the Right Supplier

It is comfortable to buy all the brewing and bar equipment in one place. Beverage Craft offers a wide assortment of beer dispensers and great customer service. 

Here, you can buy:

  •  classic, wall-mounted, or under counter dispensers
  •  items from steel, chrome, porcelain, or brass
  •  1-, 2-, or multi-facet ones

It does not maters how your taproom looks; here, you can find all the suitable items. 


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