In this modern age of busy routines and so much work, finding a time to work out is difficult and here we are talking about what time is best. The first struggle is to find time if you have successfully done that then stick to it. But if you are lucky enough that you can take out time and even adjust it for what is the best time to work out then this article is for you.  Each working out timing has its own advantages.

For early risers

If you are an early riser then there is no better time for you to work out. Waking up sometime before you usually do can do the magic and after getting used to it you can adjust the time accordingly. According to science empty stomach morning workout can really help you lose fat and weight. This is because when we wake up hormones that can help burn body fat are naturally high so if weight and fat loss are the goal here you go. Thank you later! On another note, whether it be morning or night always wear proper workout clothes when going for exercise.

Don’t believe it, try and with the time you will feel the difference. Plus, scientific studies show that morning workouts help you stay active and strong throughout the day. This is my personal favorite time to work out, plus the post-workout meal feels so delicious. Anyways it is suggested that you at least try to do this once but if it feels like pushing too much then just stop. You might not be a morning person or morning workout might not suit you, try another time. Don’t worry it is all fine.

best time for me to work out

Lunchtime Workout

Yes, you read it right! Workout during lunchtime is something that many people opt for, mostly because they don’t like to workout early in the morning and at night, they are just too much tired. Working out in the middle of the day will keep you alert and help to focus after the lunch break while most of your colleagues will be struggling to keep themselves awake. After eating sugar levels are naturally high which acts as fuel for high-intensity workouts.

Some workplaces or companies have their private gym, which is great if you want to work out but if they don’t, we have a solution. Running up and down the stairs, do cycling, get out on the road and have a run or just find a corner in your office where you can do some pushups, squats, burpees, planks, side raise, etc. Don’t be a fool and start working out in your office clothes, pack a pair of workout clothes and change them when its time. Or you can wear it all day if it’s allowed.

After work

If either of the times did not work for you there is still time. Getting yourself free from all the work and stress related to it now is the time to blow off some steam. Go home, eat something, get relaxed, lie down for a bit, and then change your clothes because now is the time to go for a workout. Night workout is as perfect as any other and it has no problem. But here is the catch, if you do it at the wrong time it might disturb your sleep. Here is how to avoid it, finish the workout at least one hour before bedtime. Exercise raises adrenalin levels that can cause problems sleeping, other than this it’s all good. For different people, different times are suitable, because the schedules are so busy. You have to take time for yourself no one else will.

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So what time is the best?

Before you get into that, here is a little gift, but don’t misuse it. If taking out an hour or two for exercise is difficult you can fit little by little in your routine. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk more or walk to the office if possible, get off a block or two away from the office, have a walk around with friends after lunch. This method is only for those who cannot take time, proper workouts are always better than these little tricks.

There is no straight-up answer to what time is best because what is good for me might not suit. For each one of us, the time that suits us is the best time for the workout. Just remember doing the exercise once a day is a goal and suitable time is second priority.


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