A shower drain is one of the main but underrated features in a bathroom. If you are a builder or are investing in renovating your bathroom, then it is quite important for you to know which type of shower drain should you buy for the shower drainage system. This article is for all those people who are confused about the shower drain and are thinking t rely on the conventional and most common shower drains. 

There is nothing wrong with having the most common type of shower drain; however, going with the flow might cost you a lot. Here we will discuss the types of shower drains available in the market to get a clear idea of which type of shower drain is perfect for your bathroom. 

The center shower drain 

The center shower drain is one of the most common types of drains available in the market. The center shower drain is often situated at the center of the shower area. To install the center shower drain, you will have to first make a four-directional sloppy floor. Showers that generate large amounts of water have fewer chances of overflowing with this type of floor grate than with other grates.

The center drain will be best for the showers with the curb. Many people like to have a separate wall for the shower to separate it from the rest of the bathroom; if your bathroom design is like that, then go for the center shower drain. Many homeowners are surprised by the variety of options available when it comes to Bathroom Drains at stainless grates sydney.

Another reason to have the center shower drain is affordability. If, for example, someone is building a hostel or a hotel, and want to save money, then the best option will be the center shower drains. 

The linear shower drains

Linear drains are the latest type of shower drains available. As compared to the center drains, the linear drains are more efficient. If you have older people at your place, who will have to use your shower, then go for the linear shower drain. To install the linear shower drain, you do not have to make the shower area with a curb. For older people, and even for young adults, particularly pregnant women, climbing the curb is difficult. 

Secondly, you do not have to make the entire shower area sloppy to install the linear shower drain. Only a side of the shower will be slightly sloppy. This is relatively safe. Lastly, if you are making showers for disabled people, who are supposed to move within their wheelchair, then the linear shower drains are a perfect choice. 

Keeping in view all these benefits, one can safely say that linear shower drains are the best choice. However, the only issue with the linear shower drain is of the price. As the linear shower drain will occupy more space, you need to pay more to the plumber. Moreover, the price of the linear shower drain is itself an expensive fitting. 

The three-tier shower drain 

If you are building a bathroom on the second floor with a wooden floor, then you must go for the three-tier shower drain. It is more secured, and you will never face the issue of water seeping.  

If you are going to build a multi-story house, and the floor of each story is wooden then having the three tier shower drain is a must. Otherwise, be ready to have the water seeping through your roofs. It will damage the entire house. 

The tile insert shower drain

The tile insert shower drains are for those who cannot compromise the look of their bathroom or kitchen. The best part about the tile insert shower drains is the ease to clean. You can take out all the dirt and debris from the underlying dish, open the tile and take out the mess. 

The only thing you should be concerned about while selecting the tile insert shower drain is the color, texture, and shade of the tile, it should go along with the tiles of your bathroom. One more amazing thing is the suitability. You can have these tiles for every corner of your house, these are not only limited to showers or bathrooms

Lastly, if you think that the tile insert shower drains are expensive then you need a fact check. These are surprisingly quite economical, so that every one of you can have it.  

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