Mushrooms for health, also called Cordyceps are a very rare species of fungus with a unique development cycle. The treating extract develops due to its parasitizing Hepialidae butterflies and ejecting spores that penetrate into it through the skin. Spores germinate only when the caterpillar buries in the ground to turn into a cocoon.

It’s interesting that the dead caterpillar does not rot, because Cordyceps produces substances that inhibit decomposition processes. In this regard, oncology experts prescribe this medicine for necrosis of infiltrates, which stops the necrosis process. 

The history of healing mushrooms

Miracles of the Cordyceps fungus have been known in China for at least 1000 years, the mushroom was considered a national medicinal treasure, a precious and sacred tonic. 

The mushroom has a long written history in China. Its first mention dates back to 620 B.C. The literature of this period describes a strange organism that lives high in the mountains of Tibet and can transform from plant to animal and vice versa. 

Mushrooms for health became popular after the high achievements of Chinese athletes in 1993. They took it during heavy training at high altitude. Codriceps contains cordycipine or deoxyadenosine and cordicigic acid, which promotes better oxygen uptake and helps the body cope with hypoxia and acidosis.  

Medical facts about Cordyceps:

1. These mushrooms are a natural antibiotic.  It has a bacteriostatic effect on dozens of pathogenic bacteria. Besdes, the mushroom has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to hormones and is not inferior to them in effectiveness. Indeed, Cordyceps is even more effective than hydrocortisone. 

2. The fungus promotes antitoxic action.  Cordyceps improves the dynamics of cells in the liver, kidneys, lungs and the general metabolism, which helps cleanse the body of toxic substances: intestinal poisons, medicinal compounds and radionuclides. 

3. This mushroom is an excellent immunomodulator.  It is especially recommended for malnourished patients, the elderly and even for the prevention of viral and bacterial infections. 

4. Medicinal mushrooms extracts are a useful medication for the diseases of the upper respiratory tract, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis, etc. It can also help get rid of cough, fatigue, sweating and shortness of breath.   

5. The supplement has a preventive and health-improving effect. Cordyceps prevents the development of almost all diseases.

6. Cordyceps significantly increases hemoglobin after chemotherapy and radiation therapy and also treats post-radiation candidiasis.

7. Effectively resists diseases of the blood vessels.  Cordyceps moderately and continuously increases the flow of blood in the coronary vessels, increases resistance to oxygen starvation and therefore, is relevant in cardiovascular disorders.  Moreover, it’s able to regulate the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the blood (coronary sclerosis, ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, the risk of thrombosis).  

The healing effects of medicinal mushrooms extracts

Cordyceps is one of the safest medical products, which is used to treat various illnesses:

  • liver diseases, 
  • cancer,
  • angina pectoris, 
  • arrhythmias, 
  • bronchial problems, 
  • anemia, 
  • tuberculosis,
  • jaundice,  
  • emphysema,
  • infertility and sexual embarrassment.

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The anticancer index of the fungus Cordyceps is high 60, but the action is short-term (no more than six months), affecting primarily lymph and blood. In oncology healing mushrooms are mainly used for lymphomas, lymphogranulomatosis, thrombocytopenia and other blood diseases. For these diseases, as well as for brain tumors, it is prescribed in the first place. 

As a dietary supplement, it increases energy and vitality. Thereby, Cordyceps is a universal and multifunctional medicine which will undoubtedly improve your health and general state. 

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