Costa Rica is a beautiful country and an excellent destination for family vacations. There is genuinely no shortage of stunning views and enchanting spots. Living in this tropical country can seem like a dream come true for many expatriates.

Healthcare in Costa Rica is cited as one of the best in the world. The United Nations places healthcare here in the top 20 worldwide.

If you plan on spending time in this region, you should do your due diligence on Costa Rica health insurance. For many expatriates, this stunning country offers an incredible experience.

But what is the expatriate experience here? Are you planning to move to this tropical region? If so, it’s best to be prepared. Let’s have a look at how an expatriate would experience living here.

Cost Of Living In Costa Rica

With relatively low living expenses, most expatriates can comfortably live on about USD 1000 to USD 1500. Compared to the cost of living around the world, Costa Rica ranks 48th on a global scale in 2022.

Overall the cost of living here is 26.6% lower than in the United States. Although the cost of transportation is high (when compared to some other countries), you will save costs in most other areas of your budget.


If you are trying to escape cold weather, this tropical region is an excellent choice, with temperatures averaging between 12-27°C (70-81°F) year-round.

In the rainy season, getting around could become problematic as landslides and other natural phenomena can occur. Even though the environment is humid, it will take you about two weeks to acclimatize to the difference in weather.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in Costa Rica is relatively low. This beautiful country is one of the safest for single female ex-pats as well. As with anywhere in the world, a standard amount of caution is advised even though the region is reasonably safe.

This nation is ranked the most peaceful country in the region of 12 countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

In the 2020 global peace index, this tropical paradise was ranked 32 out of 163 countries. Although crime is low, pickpockets are still somewhat common.

With that said, when walking in public, make sure you are following the general safety practices. Don’t be caught unaware.

Travel In And Around The Country

The roads in Costa Rica are infamous for their unforeseen hazards. Frequent visitors and homeward visits might be problematic with few airports and lousy roads.

Suppose you plan to drive in and around the country; it’s important to practice defensive driving. If the thought of driving around the mainlands does not sit well, the country does have reliable and affordable public transport. Although taxis are expensive, public buses are relatively cheap.


With the country’s general bountiful nature, be aware of all the wildlife you could potentially come into contact with.

Monkeys are known for their aggressive nature; always being cautious around any wildlife is essential. These rascals have been known to steal phones and wallets and even deliver some commercial assaults.

Snakes, scorpions, and spiders are common unexpected guests in households. Always carry around bug spray. Make a habit of checking inside your shoes before putting them on; you never know if a spider or scorpion has crawled in for a hiding space.

There is plenty of wildlife to experience; keep your distance for your safety.


In a country as bountiful and beautiful as Costa Rica, tourists are no doubt ordinary. The tourism industry here opens up a few more job opportunities for foreigners in the country but also has some downsides.

Tourism can lead to higher costs and larger crowds around certain attractions. Although tourism makes up a third of the country’s economy, it does take away from the locals.

The holiday industry will create many networking opportunities and allow you to experience many different cultures.

Communal Support

Finding ex-pats here is simple. Communal support for expatriates in this region is not hard to come across. Ex-pats are in almost every corner of the country; you won’t need to look far.

You will need to create your support network, but not without help. There are many helpful and informative resources to help you find what you are looking for.


The lifestyle of most equatorial regions is low-key and laid back. One of the reasons so many foreigners fall in love with Costa Rica is the relaxed lifestyle.

It is the kind of country that boosts your happiness and lowers your blood pressure. With stunning scenery and fantastic weather, you would expect nothing less.

With the cost of living low and the quality of life high, Costa Rica is an ideal country to fall in love with. With the many opportunities created by tourism or remote work, why not take the chance yourself?

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