When you understand the various purchase channels and clarify the purpose of purchase, then the purpose of entering the jewelry store is stronger, you will not face the numerous cheap personalized jewelry and you don’t know how to start, or just let the salesperson guide you. First of all, when you buy jewelry, you have to calculate the amount of consumption, which means how much you are going to spend. Second, the choice of jewelry varieties.

If you want to spend which worth it, you can buy gold, especially gold bars. In the jewelry store, since the price of gold is completely transparent, the premium of gold jewelry is very low, the manual fee of gold bars is small, and the price of gold bars is the most realistic.

For diamond jewelry, there are standards for the size and quality of diamonds, which can be compared with others. Of course, these diamond quality classification certificates must be compared with the same issuing institutions. The certificates of different institutions sometimes differ in level. The prices of different brands are also different. It depends on whether you are comparing the price of materials or the brand. It is best to consider both.

Ruby and sapphire jewelry, although not as strict as the grading standards of diamonds, but its quality also has a certain evaluation criteria, of which color accounts for more than 50% of the quality factor, other factors are mainly clarity and fire, each occupying about 25%, is actually not difficult to compare. The price of ruby and sapphire pet necklace mainly comes from the main stone inlaid. The remaining gold, splints and processing cost account for a small proportion. As long as the weight and color of the main stone are compared with the color, fire color and crack characteristics, can measure which jewelry is cheaper.

The price of jade is actually by contrast. She is more complicated than ruby and sapphire. In addition to color, there are texture, appearance, size, cracks, crafts, etc., but when two pieces of goods are put together, it is not difficult to make choice. The price of jade is more flexible. It is both disadvantage and advantage. Everything has two sides. It is difficult for the normal person to measure the price, and the price of the grade is large. Sometimes, if you spend less money, you can buy a good jade ornament. Jade is also a good gift, because its size is bigger than diamonds and rubies and sapphires, looks decent.

Rings worn

Suppose you are going to spend 10,000 yuan to treat yourself. You have to pick a piece of jewelry without a clear goal. What personalized pet photo necklace to choose? Different gemstones have their own merits. The high reputation, giving the impression that the brand is loud and high. Choosing well-known gemstones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires, emeralds and jadeite may have smaller particles. If semi-precious stones such as tourmaline or aquamarine are selected, the particles may be larger, but the grades are not as high as the former. The trade-off between size is the extent to which you are familiar with and loved the gem. Only those who are familiar with the gem can suggest. Generally try to look at the decorative effect first, which one is more beautiful to choose which one to wear. In the case of uncertainties, priority is given to gemstones with high visibility, and such gemstones are more widely accepted.

When you buy jewelry with the purpose of collection, your eyes must be on novelty. Novelty breeds are known to have fewer people, the market is immature, it is possible that the value is not discovered, and the contrast is small, and sometimes it can sell a high price. But the risk is greater, because there are fewer people known and the liquidity is poor.

If you buy jewelry to give friends, it is generally appropriate to use pendants. The birthstone ring Go to has the problem of the size of the ring. Sometimes the ring is not suitable. It is more troublesome to change the finger ring, and some styles change shape after changing the finger ring. It is difficult to have the original artistic effect. It is especially prudent to give a diamond ring, because the diamond ring has the cultural meaning of marriage proposal, engagement, and marriage, and should avoid misunderstanding. The diamond ring is worn in the West with traditional cultural practices. The ring is usually worn on the left hand, perhaps because the normal person writes with his right hand and the left hand is more relaxed than the right hand.

Rings worn on different fingers have different meanings:

1 wear on the little finger, representing lifelong or not married, single.

2 worn on the ring finger, representing married, belong someone.

3 wear on the middle finger, representing engagement, or already in love.

4 wearing on the index finger, representing single now, hope someone pursues.

In fact, the cultural meaning of these women wearing these custom name rings may not be fully observed. Some people may not understand the customs of the West, so they are generally worn on the ring finger. First, because the ring finger has the least amount of work, and second, the ring finger is not easy to fall off in the middle position. When men do not understand the meaning of women wearing on the ring finger, they can ask the woman’s meaning to avoid misunderstanding. Sometimes it may be too tight to wear the middle finger, the ring is slightly narrower, and it is worn on the ring finger. In winter, the weather is cold and the fingers are shrinking. The ring originally worn on the ring finger may be suitable for wearing on the middle finger in winter. On the contrary, the summer is hot, the fingers are inflated, and the ring originally worn on the middle finger is suitable for wearing on the ring finger. name on necklace


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