It might seem simple at first, but dressing for a first date is a lot harder than it looks. There are many things to avoid when going on a first date, but none more critical than either overdressing or underdressing. Of course, every man out there has a different style, but even if you harness simply one of these tips, your chances of having a memorable date will go up and up. Let’s take a look at what men can wear on a first date.

Get the shoes right

A good pair of shoes will go a long way, trust us. Turning up in your old and dirty pair of trainers definitely won’t garner you any style points, so think about your shoes before leaving the house. If you’re going for a lunchtime or coffee date, then it’s hard to go past a pair of brand new trainers from New Balance. These should be your “special occasion” shoes, so that they remain as pristine as possible. The 410 70s in black and white have a stylish retro look with a modern finish, and aren’t as flashy or garish as most contemporary Nike or Adidas trainers. For a nighttime or dinner date, then a pair of tan leather brown Brogues are oozing with cool and will show you’ve made an effort.

Appear smarter with glasses

For whatever reason, simply wearing glasses is said to make you look smarter. Of course, if your eyesight is totally fine, then we wouldn’t recommend wearing glasses just for the look. However, if you genuinely have poor eyesight, then ditch the contact lenses for the first date and be seen with spectacles. Ray-Ban knows more about glasses than perhaps any other company in the world, so seeing what options they’ve got online would be your best bet to ensure you’re not missing out on a cool pair of frames. The Panto model with a tortoiseshell finish is what we recommend, but really, any from Ray-Ban will have you looking like a genius.

A suitable jacket

Funnily enough, spring and autumn are perhaps the best times to wear a jacket. Why? Because you have so many options. Winter requires a heavy duffle jacket, summer doesn’t usually require one at all, but the other two seasons are somewhere between hot and cold. Bomber jackets are trending right now, but could be less fashionable in a year or two, so if you’d rather not take that risk, then go for a timeless option: denim or leather. Images of James Dean from the 50s wearing a leather jacket goes to show just how eternal the look is – a leather jacket will always be cool and never go out of style.

Fancy watch

There’s something about the way men can pull off wearing a watch that is hard to match. Watches generally go well with any outfit and are always the missing piece to any ensemble. The brand is somewhat important – Rolex, MVMT, Nixon, or Omega are all fine choices – but it’s more about how you wear it. Adjusting the strap or glancing at it nonchalantly are cool moves to make that will go down well. People always notice a watch, too.

More quick tips:

  • Wear some cologne but don’t bath in the stuff. You want it to be just a hint
  • Make sure the beard is groomed! None of that grizzly bear look or prickly stubble
  • Do not ever forget: Brush your teeth

Take all these useful tips on board and we’re sure you’ll look the part for your first date!