What Precautions Should You Take Before Leaving Your Cat Alone for a Long Weekend


The cat is an independent animal, so it is quite possible to leave it alone for a few days in your absence. However, before considering it, you will need to make sure you provide it with enough to meet its needs: water, food, clean bedding, and outside access if possible. The ability to stay alone for longer or shorter also depends on your cat’s temperament.

How Long Can a Cat Be Alone?

If your cat cannot accompany you during a short vacation or an extended weekend, you can leave him alone at home for a reasonable period of time. Beyond three days, it is still better to ask a relative or neighbor to come and make sure everything is fine and give them some kibble and water if you do not have a vending machine.

In addition, the cat may be an autonomous animal, but brief visits to keep him company will not be bad so he may not get bored after a while, hence the interest in providing him with toys or you. Arrange to give him outside access (terrace, garden). If you are concerned that he will run away and want to leave him locked up, make sure he has enough space to exercise. Note that the presence of another animal can constitute a reassuring company in your absence.

Preparing for Your Departure: What Does He Need?

Your cat will not need many things to survive during your absence, but it is essential that he can eat at any time, especially since he may snack more if he feels alone! It is also imperative that there is sufficient clean water if no one can come to fill it. If his usual bowl is too small, change to a bowl that you will fill generously.

Similarly, for croquettes, use a container to measure the duration of your absence. Do not hesitate to fill it to be sure that it has enough to eat – cats are normally able to regulate themselves and rare are those who eat each other all at once. But if yours is greedy, you will need a food vending machine. Another option is to use several small bowls scattered around the house to “distract”. In addition, if your cat eats mash every day, you will have no choice but to ask a loved one or bring in a pet-sitter to come and give him his daily ration. Finally, clean and completely change his litter box before your departure, to encourage him to use it.

Which Automatic Cat food distributor to choose?

There are different types of kibble dispensers, depending on the capacity and the desired system. Some release a dose of food at a fixed time, which helps regulate the cat’s diet during your absence. Others simply fill up as the foods are consumed, so they are not designed to regulate but have a larger capacity than a simple bowl and allow better conservation of the food.

Give her Something to Look After in Your Absence

Your cat may be bored after a while, especially if he has an active temper and is used to playing with you often. So remember to have a number of games and a cat tree in your home. If you are scared and do not know how far can a cat fall safely? Then you should take precautions and not leave toys with which he could injure himself or suffocate without supervision: strings, small objects, etc. If your cat is used to going out and you want to give him the chance, install a cat flap that will allow him to come and go as he pleases.

Solutions to Bring a Company to your cat

If you cannot keep your cat, you can organize visits to your home in your absence. To do this, organize yourself with a friend, a neighbor, or employ a pet-sitter who will be able to come and see him and feed him if necessary. Another solution is to lend your accommodation to someone you trust who needs accommodation for a weekend, to visit your city for example. Thanks to this arrangement which can possibly be free on the basis of an exchange of services, your pet will have companionship and your home will be well kept!

Leave your Cat Alone at Home: Think About Safety!

Before your departure, it is important to make sure that the environment does not pose dangers for your cat. Eliminate visible electrical wires, objects that can injure him, poisonous plants, medicines, and household products. Check the closing of windows and toilets which should not remain open, especially if it is a kitten because it could risk drowning there. Do not leave a collar on your cat to prevent it from choking if it catches somewhere. In summer, make sure your accommodation is sufficiently ventilated to avoid hot weather.


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