Most of us spend long hours in unnatural poses in front of the computer and TV  screens. Often, it is impossible to avoid that because it is part of the job. It is no wonder that younger and younger people are diagnosed with diseases that previously were only found among the elderly. Sedentary lifestyle, coupled with the constant stress is a recipe for disaster. To battle the unwanted effects of those bad habits, people often opt to take some pills, with varying success. Even if they work, many medications have side effects.

There is a simpler and more effective way to help your body avoid any health-related issues – physical movement. You could go to the gym, or, if you prefer to spend your time in the outdoors, go biking. If you don’t have a bike, and your knowledge about anything bike-related is limited, then read on. In a second, you’ll learn what you should consider when buying a new bike. Let’s go!

The problem with the size

The issue with shopping for a certain size is that different manufacturers tend to measure the frame size differently. It means that if you want to be sure that the bike you’ve chosen is the correct size, it isn’t enough to check the numbers posted on a website of an online shop.

If you have no choice but to shop for a bike online, check the return policy. Remember, that if you haven’t tested it by yourself, there’s no way to be absolutely sure. Even if the bike you’ve purchased is just slightly too small or too big, with time, you’ll grow to despise your lack of foresight. Alternatively, if you know how the manufacturer calculates the measurements, you could use a BMX bike size calculator.

Types of bikes

Before you proceed any further, think which type of bike would suit your needs best. Sure, every model has two wheels and a frame, but each type is meant for a different environment.

  • A mountain bike is the best choice if you would like to get away from the hustle of the city and immerse yourself in nature. Sure, you’ll be able to ride on it in a city as well, but mountains bikes are primarily made for off-road riding.
  • A road bike is a better option if you like to go fast. Unfortunately, the downside is that your bike won’t fare well in hostile terrain.
  • If a bike is meant to be a means of transportation in a city, a city bike, not surprisingly, is a superior option. You won’t reach the speed of a road bike, but if comfort is essential to you, then choose a step through bicycle.

If, as time passes,  you want your satisfaction from the purchase not to wane quickly, you should be prepared to spend around $500. Sure, there are better bikes on the market, but if you want your bike to have two wheels, be reliable, and don’t care about the details, it should be more than enough. Avoid purchasing the cheapest bike you can find – it will discourage you from practising this new hobby. If you want more information then Mtb Insider has lots of information on picking the right bike for you.

Which model to choose?

If you’ve decided what type of bike would suit your needs the most, and you’ve found a place where you can buy it, it’s time for the test. Sure, the words of the clerk in the bike shop may be encouraging, but the reality could be far different. Ask for help adjusting the seat, so that you’ll be comfortable, and then, well, just drive. You’ll probably need to have an ID with you, which you’ll be required to leave in a shop during your test ride so that you won’t escape with a bike.

If you intend to use your bike to commute to work, then find a terrain similar to that which you would normally encounter. Is the bike responsive, are there any issues with the gears? Is the saddle wide enough? If the only problem that you have encountered is that it could be more comfortable, then it may be a matter of adjusting the seating or setting up the suspension. If you don’t know how to do that, then go back to the shop and ask for help. If, after the test ride, you’ve found that you’re not fond of the bike, then tell the clerk about all the issues, so that he’ll find another model.

Be patient!

Remember, it’s not worth rushing – a good bike will last you for years, which means that you should spend some time choosing the best one. If you get intimidated by all the details that you are told you should remember about, think of all the positive effects of riding a bike on your brain and body. Besides, there’s no better way to relax after a stressful day than a solo trip to the forest. Just don’t get lost!


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