What to Know About Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Hunting for the perfect kitchen cabinet can be daunting. With a plethora of choices involving styles and colors, it can be challenging to find the right pieces for your dream layout. Often, one of the first decisions kitchen updates have to make is which category of cabinet to buy. Many homeowners end up going with fully assembled kitchen cabinets due to their quality woodwork and convenience. With the power of the internet, remodelers should be able to find the perfect cabinet for their plans.

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Fully Assembled vs. RTA

As planning develops, consumers will face a decision along the way: which type of cabinet best fits their vision and budget. There are pros and cons to both versions, and much depends on your preferences. You will find, online, kitchen cabinets fully assembled, and RTA (ready to assemble) models. Within both categories, you can narrow down the styles, colors, finishes, and sizes of the cabinetry that you desire. 

With fully assembled cabinets, customers select their style – whether it be Shaker, raised-panel, or something else – and their finish. The manufacturer builds the unit and ships it out; all the customer has to do is install the cabinet. The convenience alone makes this category a popular choice, especially as more and more consumers end up shopping for their kitchen cabinets online. Additionally, since these cabinets are crafted and pieced together in the factory, using specialized equipment, the quality is often outstanding. 

RTA cabinets online, meanwhile, provide a budget-friendly option with a wide range of quality. For those consumers who are handy, RTA versions are worth assembling on their own to lower the cost of the kitchen remodel. Manufacturers ship the complete set of components, and the customer assembles and installs the cabinetry. There are some drawbacks to this category, however. Parts may be missing from the kit. Home-grade tools and devices are often inferior to those used in factories to assemble cabinetry, and any minor obstacles in the assembly may magnify as the cabinets come together. RTA cabinets can be more challenging to construct than you may initially think, and can cost your kitchen overhaul valuable time.

What to Look for in Fully Assembled Cabinets

In a word, look for quality. There are hundreds of options to choose from when shopping for a fully assembled cabinet, and many of the choices look similar. What sets an exceptional model apart from a low-quality one is the materials and craftsmanship put into each. Look for hardwood or plywood throughout the cabinets, as opposed to cheap alternatives such as particleboard. Soft-close hardware is a significant advantage, as well, and the finish should be flawless. The drawers, glides, and hinges should all be top-notch and able to last for a long time. Research the company that sells the cabinetry, and ensure that it is reputable and backs up its products.


Fully assembled kitchen cabinets can be an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel or update. The trustworthiness of the manufacturer, as well as the company selling the product, is paramount. With a little research, you can find the fully assembled cabinet you need to complete your ideal kitchen remodel.

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