Purchasing new replacement Edmonton windows is a great step towards improving the comfort, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency of your home. Homeowners who replace their windows are guaranteed great returns on investment in the long-run.

However, that is only realised if you make the right decisions before you start your window replacement project. As such, before you buy your new replacement Edmonton windows, you want to do your homework so that you can make well-informed decisions. So, here are essential aspects you should know before you enter into any window buying contract.

1. Know The Difference Between Retrofit And Replacement Windows

To distinguish these two styles of windows is simple. Replacement Edmonton windows are any windows that are used after removing the old window. It can be accomplished through new construction or retrofit. However, most homeowners use these two terms interchangeably. But what are they according to professionals like NorthTech Windows and Doors? New construction-This is necessary if you plan to re-stucco or simply replace the siding at some point in the future. On the other hand, retrofit is necessary if you don’t plan to re-stucco your structure in the near future.

2. The Type Of The Currently Installed Windows

The type of windows Edmonton that is currently installed in your home will play a huge part in how the new windows will be installed.

Metals- in most cases, windows made of metal are replaced using a retrofit window that comes with an exterior flange in order to cover the old frame of the window from the outer part. The window installer usually gets rid of the bars and glass to come up with one large opening. The new replacement windows often come fitted with a flange that is prolonged to about two inches surrounding the perimeter of the window.

Wood windows-wood windows will also use retrofit installation, but with a sill that is well designed to house the slope of the sill of the old windows. The window installer will either get rid of the exterior or interior stops of the existing windows and the sash, leaving the perimeter of the frame open. The new unit will fit snugly in the perimeter of the old windows.

3. Understand The Frame Material You Need To Use For Your Windows

There are different window materials and each come with its own cons and pros. So, before you buy any Edmonton windows, it is recommended that you consider them carefully. Some of the most commonly used window materials include;

Vinyl- Though for a long time wood materials have been used as common window material in most homes, they are no longer commonly used, and vinyl windows have since taken this position, and you will see why.

Vinyl windows are inexpensive and offer most properties that wood windows provide. However, if you choose this option, you might not have a lot of options when it comes to colour as they are only available in tan and white. Besides, this type of material doesn’t allow for painting. However, you may find some companies providing dark colours, but most of them have withdrawn this colour because it absorbs a lot of heat.

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Aluminium- aluminium is another option you may opt for. It offers great security, but you may not be impressed by its appearance. Besides, it doesn’t offer much when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency.

Fibreglass- these materials offer the best insulation, are low maintenance and you can get them in a variety of colours.  Besides, they are easily paintable, and you don’t have to worry in case you want to change the shade of your windows Edmonton. However, there are highly-priced, just like wood.

Wood- a traditional option that has been used for years. It offers high energy efficiency, and when it comes to aesthetic appeal, it is unmatched. However, they require high maintenance, but homeowners can choose windows with exterior cladding that are low maintenance.

4. Don’t Be Pressured Into Making Quick Decisions

Most windows and doors manufacturing companies spend millions of money on marketing. The sales representatives are quite convincing and may compel you to make quick decisions. Sometimes they give you ridiculous discounts on the Edmonton windows that are irresistible. Please don’t get into their hook and be fooled. Take time, consider many things, and make an informed decision from the information you have.


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