With the amendments of laws throughout the states, CBD products have become accessible to many. Yet, with the wide range selection of these items, which ones are fit for your taste?

If you would like any assistance, you could visit websites that sell Moonrock joint or something similar.

In most cases, these websites have invested in providing the best customer service, so asking questions about their products could allow you to analyze various factors before purchasing.

Various product lineups


With the gaining popularity of cannabis, you might have already heard about mushrooms.

This product is one of the best sellers in the CBD industry and could differentiate between 2 categories: the microdose mushroom and the zoom-shrooms.

As its name suggests, the microdose mushrooms involve taking in 1/10th or a small number of psychedelic substances like LSD or psilocybin.

In this way, the individual could still experience the high brought by the mushroom but with weakened effects compared to the average mushrooms.

We may have some recommendations: the MoonShroom Neuro blends as the dose or level of the mushroom blends partnered with lions mane, psilocybin, and other neuro or immune system improving strains.

This product encourages clarity and focus, boosts energy, quicker mental speed, alleviates many symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, improves mode, and overall, increases productivity.

Even then, we suggest only using this five days at most and leave the remaining two days to ensure that a person wouldn’t be able to build tolerance and still experience the mentioned side effects.


These products, on the other hand, usually take the form of gummies or candies. Don’t you know that you could avail of a THC-infused Skittles?

You could even purchase edible candies like Gushers, Nerd Rope, Stoney Patch Gummies, Stoner Patch Cherry Gummies, or Starburst Gummies.

You’ll have plenty of choices, and that’s before you hear that Cosmic Caviar and Twisted Extracts are also available!

Since the effects of smoking cannabis only last between 2 to 4 hours, edibles like Jelly Bombs were manufactured to pave the way for long-lasting effects on the body, which could be 6-8 hours at most.

Tranquility is what the Twisted Extracts Blue Raspberry Bomb in its rectangular shape. Each pack has only one gummy that is infused with 80mg of THC.

We suggest separating them into pieces, so each would have 10mg of THC.

Now, if you’re familiar with Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts, then this item is yours to try! The ingredients for the latter were infused in the production of the Blue Raspberry Bomb to highlight its relaxation effect that’s perfect for dealing with insomnia.

In a couple of seconds, you’ll be having your best good night’s sleep. But it’s not just limited to being a sleep aid; you could also use it for when you’re under a strong feeling of fatigue, stress, or anxiety.

Other flavors include Apple Bomb, Cherry Bomb, BlackBerry Bomb, Mango Bomb, Grape Bomb, and Orange Bomb.

Hurry, though, since stocks are fast to sell out!


Have you heard of moonrocks? If not, we think you’re missing out!

Take the blueberry moonrock, for example. It is a best-seller among the moonrocks lineup. They are typically comprised of PG Hybrid bud and dipped in the sweet aroma of honey oil before being powdered with kief.

The experience is like biting into a natural blueberry fruit both in smell or taste.

Once you smoke this in a pipe or bong, we know that you’ll be craving more. This good is available in 1.1 to 1.3 grams of AAA bud, kief, and honey oil.

After taking them, you’ll get on a ride to the moon and back for sure!

But if Meteor Rocks are your thing, Moonrock’s meteorock could help you. 

This is 1.3 grams of Girl Scout cookie bud or AAA premium OG Kush that was dipped in the heated 89% THC-infused and pre-rolled shatter, along with the golden kief, honey oil, and Moonrock’s secret recipe.


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