Shopping trends are always changing. The only thing that seems to stay constant is that people love to spend money on new, exciting items. We will take a look at five things people will be buying in 2020 less than $1,000 and a glimpse into how they choose these purchases.

The Consumer Journey

Shopping for these things comes down to the customer buying journey. Basically, consumers have so much information available to them via reviews, advertising, social media, and word of mouth, they’re able to narrow their shopping decisions down a bit easier. They usually make a final decision on bigger products based on interaction with a sales employee. It’s important for marketers to understand they must be authentic, yet aggressive, to reach these buyers for big purchases.


Computers have been going down in price as many people use their phones as a personal computer. That said, the computer in the workplace doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Computers with the processing power of the human brain should be here in 2020. This means you can spend less than $1,000 and get all the information you ever needed. Most consumers are turning to laptops with docking stations as personal computers take up a lot of space. The smaller packages still pack a big punch when it comes to intelligence. In fact, computers with this level of intelligence seem to almost fool the consumer into thinking they have emotion. They’re still just computers with amazing power.


The only catch when talking about buying a new smartphone is trying not to spend over $1,000. It’s all about getting in on the best deals at the right times. Many carriers have consumers lease the phones leading them to think they’re getting a better deal. This isn’t always the case. Everyone, pretty much, owns a smartphone so there’s lots of demand. This means that there are also lots of companies throwing their hats into the ring that might drive down the prices. Just because one company may seem to have all the bells and whistles doesn’t mean they’re the best. Smartphones are just as smart as the best cameras and the best computers so each brand may offer something that makes them unique.

Smart 4K TV

The 4K TV hit the market with a crystal clear resolution. Viewers are almost inside their screens. In 2020, you can find this smart 4K TV under $1,0000, but it could be phased out all too soon. The 8K TV is trying to crawl into its space. Viewers want the ability to watch anything from the internet to cable to Blu-Ray, so a smart 4K TV is where they find this. Entertainment is something people love to splurge on, but the problem is that technology is always changing this entertainment so a 4K turns to 8K overnight driving down the price and driving up the demand for higher-tech products.

Bluetooth Speaker

The wireless speaker world is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s set to grow by 10% annually by 2023. Everyone wants a bluetooth speaker compatible with all their favorite music. Why even use a radio in the car when you can blast your own playlist? A Bluetooth speaker goes hand-in-hand with the growing list of all portable devices, smartphones, and wireless technology. You can stream anything you wish over your phone or radio into your speaker. You can take it anywhere you want. No more carrying a huge jambox, like in the 1980s, when you have a tiny, loud Bluetooth speaker.

Subscription Boxes Subscription boxes are a hot item. Because they’re purchased monthly on a recurring bill, consumers don’t even notice the charge. People love the “new” gift to themselves each month. There are hundreds of types to choose from. Beauty, pets, food, grooming, and clothing are just a few examples of these subscription boxes. This industry is growing 200% annually because people love to spend money on their passions. Most of these items come in sample sizes meaning you get to play with different products for a fraction of the cost. It’s fun and frugal, something people seem to love at this time.

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