If your house is equipped with nice sliding doors but recently they failed for work properly, you may need to invite professionals to detect what causes failure. Patio door repair service includes detecting the problem and fixing it. Usually, the main problems that stop patio doors from sliding smoothly are broken rollers, damaged wood frame, twisting, failed lock and latches.

Sliding patio door repair service allows saving on replacing old glass doors with new ones. Such doors cost quite a lot (anyway you know that they are costly since you have bought it). So, the best solution is to get professional help on how your patio door can be fixed, how quickly it can be ready for use again and how much a repair service will cost you. ARAX Windows company offers competitive prices and great results for patio screen door repair service. We are the team of experienced technicians who value your time, money and comfort. Therefore, we are willing to do our best to make you enjoy spending time in your cozy house again.

Patio Door Repair Service: Common Issues

If you have a wood patio door, then you should remember that wood is not the easiest material to look after especially during a rainy season. Also, wood is quite heavy, therefore, every time you open and close the door, tracks and ball bearings get hit. Instead of changing the door or whole construction, it only takes to replace old and damaged mechanisms which doesn’t cots a lot.

Vinyl sliding doors also become stiff and don’t slide as they should. The vinyl door looks very stylish and nice but when it comes to durability, steel and aluminum doors win. Our glass patio door repair service can help you with fixing or replacing rollers, bearings and tracks. Usually, the owners of such doors line them with oil but often such a procedure leads to even more difficult opening and closure.

If the problem is in the handle, then you can try to fix or replace it yourself. However, our specialists know better why handles tend to fail and how to fix them. Order patio door handle repair with lock. Our technicians will quickly remove the old handle, calculate the needed size, and fit the new handle that will help you to open the door easily and lock it when necessary. Our technicians carry all the needed parts and mechanisms to do work on the spot. We are always ready to fix a problem of any complexity on short notice. Don’t rush to replace your door. Patio door repair Chicago and nearby is the first aid.

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When Should I Call Sliding Patio Door Repair?

There are several signs that can tell you that your sliding door starts to fail. Don’t wait until you can’t open or close the door one day. View the list of signs that will point at your patio door failure:

  • The door feels heavy
  • You need you to lift it a bit to make it slide along the track
  • When opening and closing, you hear a scratching sound
  • The door doesn’t close tight and leaves gaps
  • You need to use AC more, putting temperature lower in summer and higher in winter
  • The door is uneven and you can’t lock it

These are the main and obvious signs that you can detect yourself. Don’t leave your door in one of the above-mentioned conditions since wood, vinyl or aluminum patio door repair will cost you more than when fixed at the first stage. We will help you to enjoy the view when stepping outside your patio door. You will be able to enjoy warm days on your patio and watch the rain and snow when sitting comfortably on your sofa and having no water and air leaks disturbing you.

Get Qualified Technicians to Repair your Patio Door Now

If you tried to repair patio door lock, track, and other mechanisms but found that it didn’t last for a long time or didn’t work at all, it’s best to invite professionals to your house. ARAX Windows has several years of experience at fixing small and huge problems. We have a big team of qualified technicians who find the best and long-lasting solutions to make our customers feel comfortable at home.

Get a free quote today by contacting our customer support representatives. Explain your problem and find out how much fixing it will cost you. We will send our technicians to inspect your patio door whenever it suits you. Once the problem is detected, our technicians will explain to you how they are planning to fix it, how long it will take and how much such a service will cost you. We guarantee affordable rates and the best deliverables. Replacing a door should be your last option!

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