When you need a website, there comes a point where you must choose the most appropriate web hosting service provider. The range of options is very varied, which can be a bit overwhelming for those who are looking for the best alternative for their digital project and do not have the specific knowledge of the subject. In this article, we are going to discuss those basic aspects that must be taken into account to choose the ideal WordPress Hosting service.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the objectives you want to achieve with your website and the level of traffic that is expected. This factor is extremely important in determining bandwidth and the most convenient type of service.

Choosing the type of hosting service

There are various types of service aimed at the needs of each project. Thus, the shared hosting service is the cheapest of all. It usually offers hosting for different web pages from the same server. With this option, the performance of the site will be just OK. Shared hosting services are the most used by small websites due to their low cost and ease of implementation.

On the other hand, the hosting services offered through Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allows you to get a much higher performance than shared hosting and a higher level of independence. With a VPS server, the user has an exclusive virtual server, with its own resources of RAM, disk, CPU, etc., without sharing it with other users. This type of service is usually offered both in Managed and UnManaged service addressed to those more experienced users.

There are other options for web hosting such as dedicated servers or cloud servers, which offer specific configurations for each project. The main advantage of these alternatives is that, the characteristics of the servers can be adjusted according to the level of traffic that is obtained.

The Important Technical Aspects of Good Web Hosting

When choosing the most suitable hosting service, it is necessary to know some essential technical issues, such as storage space or bandwidth. This minimum knowledge will help you clarify the analysis of the best alternative.

#1 Storage

The first aspect to take into account is the storage space they offer, since it will determine the amount of data that will be stored. For some time now, most hosting providers offer unlimited storage, although this is more because most websites uploaded to shared servers do not occupy the maximum space limit. A no less important aspect to consider is that some plans offer hosting your website on solid state drives – SSDs, which are faster than HDD hard drives.

#2 Bandwidth

The data transfer or bandwidth is the next thing to consider. The amount of bandwidth allowed impacts performance that will have the website. The bandwidth determines the capacity of people who can visit the website. Thus, the more bandwidth, more people can access the site at the same time.

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#3 Security

In addition, it is recommended that the hosting provider offers updated security devices, backups, monitoring services or firewalls.

#4 Ease of Migration

It is important to consider that at some point the need to migrate from web hosting provider may arise, either for improving conditions or getting more services. Therefore, you should not be dependence on a particular provider.

Many hosting providers tend to offer the free domain name in order to bind the user to their hosting service. The most advisable tips in this case, is to be the owner of the domain name by purchasing it somewhere else. This will allow you to migrate to another provider without any problems. Also. do not let yourself opt for the offer of free sub domains since there is no way to migrate them to another hosting service.

For example, Wix and WordPress are different. If you build your website in WordPress, you can migrate your hosting relatively easy to another hosting provider. However, if your website is built using WIX, then it is almost impossible to migrate it to another hosting.

Final Thoughts

Some hosting providers offer extreme conditions such as unlimited storage for very little money per month. Therefore, it is necessary to read the terms in the contract carefully. Finally, some digital marketing agencies offer complementary services such as the design of the page, the sale of domain names or the administration of the platform. Some additional services, such as 24/7 customer service and multiple means of communication with the technical area, must also be considered for the final decision. It is necessary not to forget aspects related to the backup copies of the information that some providers offer in their service packages.

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