The winter season is coming, and with it comes the heavy loads of piles of snow. Nobody wants to be stuck at home from inclement weather, but what do you do if your business needs to stay open?

When it comes to your commercial property, the last thing you want is for a storm or winter event like blizzards and severe ice conditions to halt your business operations or damage electrical wires into your commercial property. This means that during these times, professionals with experience in snow removal should be hired immediately!

There are many ways to enjoy winter in the great state of Minneapolis. One way is by having commercial property owners like yourself, protect their investment with reliable Minneapolis snow removal that provides excellent service for your business and neighborhood during any storm or freezing conditions!

Is Your Company Insured?

Snow removal companies in the industry are always trying to cut costs by lowering their prices. This means that not all snow plowing businesses have proper insurance coverage, which can lead you into trouble if there’s a future issue on your property whether certain properties are covered by the insurance.

One of the most important considerations when hiring a commercial snow removal professional is knowing if they have proper insurance coverage. Insurance coverage not only protects your property but also protects the other party.

The right commercial snow and ice management service will have insurance that covers:

  • Property damage (including vehicles) resulting from their work on your site or near your premises
  • Personal injury claims for people who are injured or hit on your property

Do you offer 24/7 services?

How long will it take for my contractor to clear the driveway? This is a question that many homeowners ask, and while there’s no single answer from variables such as weather conditions or the size of your home/business area, one thing to take note of before hiring them is to make sure they offer 24-hour service. Not only will this ensure an immediate response when needed most during emergencies but also means less waiting time!

What’s your response time to inquiries?

When a snowstorm is taking place in the Minneapolis area, a snow removal contractor should be on top and get ready to respond! This also means having trucks on the road at all times—ready for a call at any time!

The average response time is an hour or less during a snowstorm. This ensures that your business can continue running smoothly even in extreme weather conditions! Snow removal companies that communicate effectively and send updates are definitely a green flag and a way to go!

Company size?

When a big snowstorm strikes, it can be hard for small businesses to get all of their customers serviced. In these cases, they may have to prioritize who gets service first while big companies, too, aren’t the best either! When you hire a snow removal crew, they need to be organized and provide consistent quality work. They can save you time or money on scheduling can which can prevent missed deadlines.

Do they offer salting services?

When winter gets icy in the Minneapolis area, salting can be extremely helpful after snow removal because it eliminates the chance for iced-over walkways. The process includes adding rocks or sand to a paved area to make sure there is no traction on slippery surfaces when you step out from your house onto an untreated path.

Equipment Used?

Most commercial snow service companies typically have snow plows and skid-steer loaders to use to remove snow. The plow can be an attachment to a truck, or it could be on the front of the machine. If you hire someone who has their own equipment, they’ll likely have multiple pieces so that they can take care of any type of snow removal which can be extremely helpful in occasions where there are too many heavy piles of snow.

Snow shoveling services?

For a commercial snow removal contractor, they’ll be able to take care of any type of clearing needed. In order to keep it as safe and sound as possible, do not forget about keeping up on those pesky snow removal duties! If there’s something that doesn’t feel right—don’t hesitate; walk away and find another contractor or company with which you can work together.

By asking your contractor these guidelines, you should be ready to make the decision on if they can help keep things running smoothly during this winter. Ask other things, too, rates per hour, subscription costs, or monthly installments, and discounts or promos.


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