Watch.. a kidnapping in broad daylight in France

kidnapping in broad daylight in France

The kidnapping that occurred under the sun in a tranquil region of France raised many eyebrows among the French, since they were not accustomed to this kind of offense.

Last Sunday, the usually peaceful town square of Villeparisi in the Seine-a-Marne department was disturbed by a kidnapping which was captured on film by nearby residents.

In the video, four young men attempted to kidnap a man, withstanding his persistence until they were able to overpower him and forcibly place him in the trunk of their car. In spite of his resistance, he was kidnapped soon after; then these criminals hastily fled the scene.

The shocking incident prompted many of the local people to immediately alert the police. Unsurprisingly, the young men in question have been confirmed as not being from this part of town.

The police confiscated a mobile phone that had been found at the site of the kidnapping and are now conducting an investigation to identify those responsible, locate the victim, and unearth any potential motives.

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