When someone is searching for the genuine ways to get USA green card easily, he/she is essentially looking for the quickest and preferably non-complex means to get their way through the permanent and lawful residency of the United States of America. As per the statistics from the U.S. immigration department, the waiting timeline for a substantial number of green card seekers hover around ten years or even longer, but that is doesn’t have to be a norm— some lucky few are also getting it in a matter of weeks only. 

However, here the catchword ‘easy’ depends exceedingly on the eligibility of the applicant. Certain situations that can get you a seamless entry are:

  • If the applicant is directly related to the existing U.S. citizen or a green card holder; in that case, the immigration process might look nothing less than a cakewalk. 
  • The second condition is the job offer; if the LPR appellant has an offer letter from a U.S based company, the rest of the procedure might get reasonably straightforward. 
  • Visa lottery— a special green card eligibilityprovision for the residents of selected few countries is another way to get your hands onto an ‘easy’ U.S. LPR. 
  • Apart from above, those holding rich fortunes and intending to start their business on American soil are usually encouraged by offering them an easy way into the residency by providing green card status.

Effect of the waiting list on green card category

The answer to the query on How to Get a USA Green Card also relies heavily on the waiting list prevalent in category one has applied for. 

list on green card category

The Immigrant Visa Preference Category one has registered for influences the timeline it is going to take to get green card status. The American immigration policies provide different categories of preference in which foreigners may apply for citizenship, where each appellant is given a unique “immigrant visa number.” This number is nothing but the place one occupies on a green card waiting line.

Many categories are somewhat “easier” to get through than the others. Also, while trying to get an immigrant visa number, there can be possible delays, which could even range in the long gaps of 10 – 25 years. Here are a few popular categories that one may apply to:

Family-sponsored Category

In the Family-sponsored Category, unmarried children under the age of 21, spouse, and parents of a green card holder automatically become eligible for the immigrant visa number. They are also referred to as ‘immediate relatives.’ Here, the waiting timeline is usually short. Still, if you have more queries on How to get a USA green cardit is better to connect with an experienced immigration attorney to have better clarity.

Employment-based Category

As the term might suggest, here an employer and a green card holder presently located in the U.S becomes the sponsorer of the applicant who is seeking citizenship on the basis of employment. Therefore, the job-based categories are often defined by the challenges and academic specifications of jobs to be pursued by a foreigner.


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