Heat and humidity are common things that make the day and night cycle miserable. To fight conditions that border on extreme, the best air cooler available needs to be compatible with normal house maintenance. Cooling down a room means using the methods given below that work for the entire home.

Install New Windows

When you buy ceiling fan online, there is an expectation that the room has decent airflow. Windows are the start of everything when keeping a room cool. If the room has a window, check its current condition. Homes that look new are deceptive, and can very likely have older windows.

When the seals of the windows are not intact, the temperature of the room will be erratic. As a result, your thermostat will have trouble keeping up with the weird temperature spikes throughout the house. It can be smoldering hot in one room and normal in another.

Get A Portable Air Cooler

Portable cooling units like air coolers are a fantastic way to cool down a room quickly. Air coolers use the evaporative cooling method to help lower the temperature of your rooms. Hot air is passed through cooling pads which displace the heat in the air and cool it down. This cool air is then pushed out into the room. Some of them are so powerful that they can replace a full AC unit.

When looking for a portable model, pay close attention to the BTU’s. The BTU rating will let you know how many square feet the unit can cool on its own. The smallest is 8,000 BTU’s (cools 200 sq. ft.) while the largest is 14,000 BTU’s (cools 500 sq. ft.)

There are plenty of choices in-between that work with rooms of different sizes. The good news is that an air cooler unit can nullify bad window insulation if it is high powered enough. A desert cooler consumes less electricity than a full AC unit. It’s the most eco-friendly way to deal with hot air that just won’t go away!

Better Ceiling Fans

The kitchen doesn’t have the luxury of a ceiling fan and puts most of the pressure on a kitchen exhaust fan. For other rooms, ceiling fans handle an inordinate amount of work to keep a room cool. Dust can slow down their effectiveness, and over time cause the device to malfunction. Dusting once a week is required maintenance for any room that has a ceiling fan. If you plan to replace a ceiling fan in the future, consider a new model like the Crompton’s Anti-Dust ceiling fans.

Newer models are always preferred when you buy ceiling fans online and for good reason. They have extra features made to fight heat and humidity, some can even take advantage of smart devices. With the launch of new silent fans in the market, you can now enjoy noise-free cooling as well. Look at your current setup and then look at the new models to see what’s missing. Even if the gap is small, it is enough of a difference to be worth the purchase.

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Wrap Up

The power of cooling down a room rests fully in your hands. Ceiling fans are only one piece to the puzzle, so don’t get too hung up on the specifics. Find an agreeable cooler price and make a list that works for your current space. When you get all of the pieces together, cool air will flow during the day and night.

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